How To Pack For Your European Summer Getaway

How To Pack For Your European Summer Getaway

Don't forget the sunscreen.

By Dane Dunne & Adrian Mezzina (Entourage Tours) | 19th June 2018

So, you’re swapping the brisk Aussie winter for the long, warm, Aperol filled days of European summer… but don’t want to be weighed down by the contents of your suitcase? 

This is the eternal struggle faced by keen travellers who live below the equator. Fortunately, Entourage Tours co-founders and travel gurus, Dane Dunne and Adrian Mezzina, have shared with us the ultimate packing list for your long-awaited Europe summer get-a-way! Spoiler alert, it’s EPIC.

You’ll definitely want to save this one before you jet off and explore the geographical jackpot that is the Greek islands or Croatian split.

Your In-Flight Must-Haves:

+ Passport (obvious we know; but it’s your most important piece of travel documentation!) 
+ Another form of identification (e.g. drivers licence or 18+ card)
+ Your flight confirmation and boarding pass
+ A travel wallet to keep these important things together
+ A good book, playlist, or even pre-downloaded movies on an iPad (something to fill the 24 hour + commute)
+ Moisturiser (no-one likes dry skin)
+ Small pillow
+ Travel socks (planes are cold!)
+ 1x Jumper (again, above!)

Entourage Hack:

We tell all of our travellers to make copies of important documents like passports and identification, in case something happens, and you find yourself without them. Partying in Ibiza is all fun and games, until your valuables fall victim to theft (or clumsiness). There is nothing like no way of getting home to put a dampener on an amazing trip. Don’t be that gal, make copies!

What To Wear:

Social media means that sometimes we feel pressured to get the perfect pictures while away, with an out of this world outfit to match - especially if you are hitting up one of Europe’s world-renowned summer festivals. BUT, this can lead to so many travellers over packing for a short summer holiday. Instead try and book accommodation that has washing machines available, so you don’t go overboard with clothes:

Everyday Essentials:

+ Your FAVOURITE pair of swimwear (you’ll be living in this)
+ Versatile tops (we recommend staying with classic cuts and basic colours)
+ 2x pair of shorts
+ 1x pair of jeans
+ 2x sun dresses (these are great to throw over togs or wear for afternoon drinks)
+ Something you can dress up for a night out (and shoes to match)
+ COMFORTABLE sneakers or sandals (these are for long days of walking and site seeing - no one likes blisters)
+ A small, secure bag to hold your personal items and money

For Festivals:

+ Breathable clothing you can get dirty (it’s the middle of summer, so prepare to be sweaty)
+ Comfortable closed in shoes (for dancing)
+ Sunglasses
+ A small coin purse to hold cash and essential ID (DON’T take all your valuables in with you)
+ A bum bag, backpack or secure bag (to hold everything else)
+ Colourful makeup and accessories (this is how you can switch up the same look)

Entourage hack:

We LOVE to emphasise the importance of travelling light. We’ve learnt the hard way ourselves; carting around a heavy suitcase on the cobbled streets of Europe is just not practical and ends up taking away from your trip. How do we stop overpacking? Travel with a small suitcase so that you won’t feel tempted to pack more than you need. Bonus: this can also save you from any impulse buys! You can’t buy what you can’t take home.

Toiletries & Other Extras:

+ Berocca (our go-to hangover cure)
+ Sunscreen with the highest SPF you can find! (What you think only the Australian sun is hectic?)
+ Moisturising lotion and aloe vera gel
+ Compact face cleansing wipes and hand sanitiser! (these are awesome to keep on you)
+ Travel adapters and chargers! (Your hotels and Airbnb’s may not provide travel adapters, so you’re better off bringing your own!)

Entourage hack:

Our biggest insider tip? Package any liquids in individual plastic zip lock bags before putting them in your toiletry bag. Why? A great outfit and suitcase can be ruined from toiletry explosions. Cabin pressure is a real thing… you can thank us later!

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Article by Dane Dunne & Adrian Mezzina (Entourage Tours)

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