European Eats: 5 Iconic Foods To Add To Your Dining Bucketlist

European Eats: 5 Iconic Foods To Add To Your Dining Bucketlist

Because calories don’t count when you’re on holiday, right?

By Megan McInerney | 4th September 2018

Everyone knows the best part of going on holiday is getting to eat and drink whatever you like, whenever you like. It would totally be a waste of a trip to come back home and not have eaten your body weight in delicious food from across the globe, right? We’ve got you covered with the best cuisines to try on your Euro vacay when you’re not sipping margaritas by the pool.

Pierogi in Poland

If you think the dumplings at Harajuku Gyoza are as good as it gets, prepare to have your mind blown. These babies are a classic but definitely underrated Polish dish traditionally filled with meat and sauerkraut or mashed potato, onion and cheese for the vegetarians out there. Pierogi can typically be found all over Poland in restaurants and street food vendors alike but be prepared to wait! It takes time to get these little dumplings tasting as mouth-watering as they do, but they are 100% worth it.

Currywurst in Germany

This German delicacy is pork sausage, also known as bratwurst, covered in curry ketchup and served with French fries. Don’t let the word curry put you off if you’re scared of spice, you can have it as mild or as spicy at you like! Almost always served best from smaller vendors off the beaten path and pairs perfectly with a pint (or two) of ice cold German beer. What more could you want?

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Langos in Hungary

Possibly two of the greatest inventions all time coming together with this dish – bread and the deep fryer. What could be better than that? This Hungarian street food staple is essentially deep-fried flatbread dough usually served with garlic, sour cream and shredded cheese. For the more adventurous eaters there are usually options to add bacon, sausages, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, basically any topping you would put on a pizza. It’s a big yes from us.

Trdelnik in Czech Republic

If you’ve got a little (or a big) bit of a sweet tooth, this one is for you. Should you find yourself wandering the streets of Prague on your Euro trip, you’ll definitely see more than a few street vendors selling traditional Trdelnik. This sweet treat is a type of spit cake served on a stick that is rolled, baked and dusted with icing sugar, cinnamon or a custom flavour depending on where you go! Treat ‘yo self and have it filled with ice cream or Nutella for the ultimate indulgence.

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Gyros in Greece

Mamma Mia! The Gyros in Greece aren’t famous for no reason. It really doesn’t get any better than thinly sliced lamb or chicken, tzatziki, tomatoes, lettuce and hot chippies all rolled into a toasty warm pita wrap. In our opinion, these are appropriate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for only €2, you’ll never want to leave your little slice of Greek paradise.


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Article by Megan McInerney

Megan is a Gold Coast gal and definitely fulfils the stereotype! She spends her weekends (and weekdays) at the beach and crossing places off her ever-growing list of brunch hotspots. Catch her sipping on a glass of rosé while planning imaginary getaways or binge-watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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