How to Beat the Boredom on Long Flights

How to Beat the Boredom on Long Flights

Believe it or not, the flight can be half the fun!

By Sophie Catsoulis | 23rd August 2016

There’s nothing like the feeling of touching down in a brand-new city, heart filled with hope, mind filled with… bad aeroplane music?

Let’s face it, when it comes to long flights, the saying “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” really just doesn’t apply. Crammed in an uncomfortable seat, twiddling your thumbs for hours on end doesn’t exactly ignite motivation for an exciting day of exploring.

Save yourself from settling for yet ANOTHER screening of Love Actually: plan ahead and actually enjoy your next flight – yes, it is possible!

1. Create an awesome playlist

No need to suffer through incessant in-flight radio; stay ahead of the game and create the perfect playlist for your long flights.

2. Charge your gadgets

There is nothing worse than a flat battery (#firstworldproblems, I know). Stay connected and be sure to plug in your phone, iPad and laptop the night BEFORE your trip.

3. Pre-order your meal(s)

There’s something strangely satisfying about knowing what you’re about to eat. Give yourself something to look forward to and pass the time one mouth-watering moment at a time.

4. Bring a good book

Dust off that novel you’ve been meaning to read and finally open it past the first page. Get lost in the story and you’ll arrive in no time.

5. Pack some snacks

M&M’S, lolly snakes, Twisties… need I go on? Long flights are the ultimate excuse to break that demanding diet.

6. Grab a mag

Trashy gossip magazines are almost everyone’s guilty airport indulgence. Catch up on the latest Hollywood nonsense and laugh the hours away.

7. Catch up on work

As counterintuitive as it sounds, why not avoid the usual boredom with some overdue emails? Catch up on that work you’ve been avoiding for ages and arrive at your destination feeling more accomplished than ever.

8. Download a whole season of something

There’s no better way to lose track of time than with a TV binge-watch. In the absence of Netflix (oh the horror!), put a season of your favourite series on your laptop or hard drive and watch away.

9. Take a nap

Depending on the time of day (although who doesn’t love a mid-morning power nap?), whip out your silkiest sleep mask and have a much-needed snooze.

10. Touch up your makeup

A sneaky bag of beauty essentials is a travel necessity –a concealing pen, lip gloss and tube of mascara can make a world of difference – believe us! Take the time to touch up your makeup and touch down fresh-faced!

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Article by Sophie Catsoulis

Sophie Catsoulis is a former Journalist at Style Magazines. When she’s not fawning over sausage dogs or the latest Chloe bag, she spends her weekends in search of strawberries, sunflowers or better yet, shiraz.


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