9 Travel Tips to Beat Jet Lag

9 Travel Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Because long-haul doesn’t have to be hell

By Eliza Crisp | 9th March 2017

Jet lag doesn’t discriminate. Crazy sleep schedules, memory loss and tummy troubles are unwelcome additions to any trip, whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure. Although some of us are more susceptible than others, everyone can beat jet lag with these simple tips.


It sounds bizarre, but stay with me. Brazil nuts are packed with potassium and selenium, and just a small handful can have a natural sedative effect.

Bulk water consumption is also essential when travelling, ESPECIALLY if you plan on knocking back a few glasses of wine once you board. Keep in mind, though, that the pressurised cabin means every drink in the air is worth two on the ground – you might find yourself getting tipsy a little faster than normal.

Image: PInterest

Image: PInterest


This has been recommended by several seasoned travellers. Melatonin is a natural hormone that works in three ways: by inducing sleepiness; by helping improve sleep quality; and by allowing you to sleep for longer. While you may require a prescription from your doctor, melatonin is a sleep aid worth checking out if you want to beat jet lag.

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There’s nothing like a spicy ginger beer on a cold day. But did you know that ginger oil is also known for easing the symptoms of nausea and anxiety? Whether you dab ginger oil on your pillow, knock back a cold-pressed ginger shot, or snack on crystallised ginger, this is the perfect remedy for any queasy fliers.

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First-class, business, or economy - no matter which seat you’re flying in, you deserve to make your space as luxurious as possible. While there are certain in-flight activities that are certainly frowned up, there is no shame in being comfortable. Pack a soft eye mask to block out light. Silk ones are best, as synthetic varieties can cause your face to overheat.


Those lumpy, polystyrene-filled neck pillows are a thing of the past. The new range of sleeping aids take comfort to the next level. The Pockindo is an inflatable block that sits on your tray table and lets you curl forward. Or try the ZZZ Band, which supports your neck by gently cradling you against the headrest.



You don’t have to be a total tech geek to enjoy these headphones. Noise-cancelling headphones are the ultimate travel investment; they’ll block out the sound of a screaming baby AND provide cinema-quality sound for any onboard movie-watching. Bose is definitely the leader in this category, but you can also find similar options at a lower price point if you’re willing to spend some time researching.

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Image: Pinterest


The best tip I’ve picked up from an airline attendant is to be strategic about your sleep schedule. If you are crossing time zones for just a short period, it may be worth staying on “home time” to minimise any disruption to your sleep schedule. For longer trips, however, consider switching into “destination time” as soon as you board your flight.

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A long shower might be the first thing you crave once you disembark the plane, but be mindful of the temperature you choose. Generally, our bodies like cool showers to calm us down at night, and warm showers to wake us up in the morning so take that into consideration before you jump in.

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Image: Pinterest


After spending so many hours in a contained environment, your body will be desperate for some fresh air. Jet lag upsets your circadian rhythm, which is your body clock’s response to light and darkness.

If you land at your destination feeling lethargic but wanting to stay awake until a reasonable bedtime, try heading outside! A run or brisk walk in the sun will help regulate your circadian rhythm and help you beat jet lag by gently settling in to your new time zone. Don’t forget the sunscreen, though – no one wants to start a holiday with sunburn!

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