5 Easy Summer Escapes

5 Easy Summer Escapes

They’re close, they’re cheap and best of all, crowd-free!

By Sophie Catsoulis | 8th September 2016

Although we will admit we’ll always have a soft spot for ever-economical Bali and Thailand, it’s become clear that unless you like crowd surfing, these probably aren’t the summer spots for you.

Now, before you start whining about expensive, European airfares, take a minute to consider our closer, convenient and much more cash-friendly, island neighbours.

1. Hawaii

I know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t seem that nearby… But compared to its 49 US counterparts, the nine-hour flight to the big island isn’t really so bad after all. Besides the relative closeness and obvious appeal (hello drinking out of a coconut!), another major drawcard for this tropical oasis is its unexpected affordability. Jump online and relish in the ridiculous rates. A Hawaiian holiday never sounded so good! Don’t believe us? Ask your wallet!

2. Fiji

A measly three hours on a plane will literally land you in paradise. Who knew? Jet over for a week, or even a long weekend and soak up the serenity of the virtually untouched islands. Of course, there are your usual resorts, but why mix with the masses when you can relax on your very own island? Yep you heard us right! Book a secluded villa or better yet, bring a bunch of friends and book out the island. What’s the catch you ask? There isn’t one! The best part? It’s a whole lot cheaper than you’d think!

3. Malaysia

Admittedly not the first destination that comes to mind when you picture a summer getaway, Malaysia is truly the hidden gem of hot weather holidays. Not only will you skip the lines at the bar, the local food is incredibly cheap AND delicious. We’re talking Coronas for 50c here people! If that’s not a good enough reason to jump on a plane this very second, there is something seriously wrong with you… (okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but you see our point!)

4. New Caledonia

Another hidden hotspot is the incredibly gorgeous islands of New Caledonia. Parisian level shopping and irresistible French food (YEP, CROSSIANTS) is finally available without the long haul flight and hefty European price tag - damn you exchange rates! Explore the crystal clear waters, soak in the uninterrupted sunlight and catch up on some much needed R&R. Nature lovers, get ready to relish in the abundance of marine life. Finding Nemo? No problem!

5. Vanuatu

Despite its relaxing reputation, Vanuatu is actually an adventurer’s nirvana. Navigate submerged wrecks, zip line through the trees or zoom through the waves on a jet boat. Whatever your idea of fun, Vanuatu is guaranteed to tick every box. For the lie-on-the-beach sorts (us included), there is always the option of a soothing afternoon on the sand. Did someone say mojito?


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Article by Sophie Catsoulis

Sophie Catsoulis is a former Journalist at Style Magazines. When she’s not fawning over sausage dogs or the latest Chloe bag, she spends her weekends in search of strawberries, sunflowers or better yet, shiraz.


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