25 Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

25 Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Get ready to beef up your bucket list!

By Eliza Crisp | 16th February 2017

Let’s be honest, if we had a choice between our regular lives and travelling the world for most of the year, a lot of us would choose to travel. Whether you’re actively planning your approaching trip or just daydreaming about the far-off future, we’ve put together a list of travel Instagram accounts that will inspire you.


A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

This blonde beauty must have a thoroughly tattered passport! A self-taught photographer, Lauren Bullen uprooted her life in Australia to travel. She currently lives in Bali when she isn’t gallivanting abroad.


A post shared by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on

Warning: avoid this account if you are still hurting from a recent breakup because this is almost too cute to exist. Boyfriend to Lauren from @gypsea_lust, Jack Morris is an incredibly talented and genetically-blessed person. The travelling duo capture themselves in various breathtakingly beautiful remote spots.


A post shared by tinyatlas (@tinyatlasquarterly) on

Their tagline is “Our atlas from your eyes”, which sums up this account perfectly. A collection of curated images from travel Instagrams, this account features the best of the best. You can join the worldwide, collaborative effort by tagging your own photos with #mytinyatlas.


A post shared by JAY ALVARREZ (@jayalvarrez) on

This long-haired hottie is an 11 on the babe scale. Born in Hawaii, Jay Alvarrez is a talented travel photographer who isn’t opposed to getting his shirt off for his 4.9 million followers.


Talk about kicking goals! Cassie De Pecol is a travel blogger AND a triathlete. She’s got a neatly curated feed that’s all about abs and passport stamps.


A post shared by Jason Edwards (@jasonedwardsng) on

This Aussie photographer has been in the spotlight lately after partnering with National Geographic as the face of their new channel. If you’re a sucker for baby animal photos (who isn’t?), get Jason Edwards on your feed.


Brissie girl Katie McKnoulty left the comforts of home to become a full-time digital nomad. Her life is a whirlwind, but her meditative approach to travel gives this account real soul.


A post shared by C E R E A L (@cerealmag) on

Famed for its online city guides, Cereal Magazine has an equally polished Insta account. This Bristol-based team showcases far-flung destinations in a muted colour palette.


A post shared by Elise ? (@roundtheworldgirl) on

This girl isn’t content with kicking back with a cocktail; extreme sports and rugged terrain are more her style. Trawl this account to follow her daredevil travel expeditions.


A post shared by Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) on

This girl is the real deal. In addition to her dazzling Insta account, she also has a well-edited website, and recently authored a bestselling book. Rather than exclusively travelling solo, she often brings her girl squad along to share the ride!


A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard) on

This professional adventurer lets the scenery take centre stage on his account. His long-exposure shots of the Northern Lights will leave you star-struck. Any assistant jobs going, Chris?


Managed by the equally impressive @nastasiaspassport, Dame Traveler champions the efforts of solo female travellers around the world. The focus here is on encouraging everyday women to make travel a priority in their lives.


A post shared by Travel Noire (@travelnoire) on

This online community celebrates the innate yearning to discover the adventurer within. Follow this account to see a more diverse side of the travel industry.


This Californian native ditched her finance job to log some serious air miles. Her account features splashes of her sunny personality; you won’t find any pouty duck faces here!


A post shared by Karen Ng (@k_a_r_e_n_g) on

The composition of this account is stunning. Think an almost exclusively white palette, with flashes of grey and black. Karen’s shots are ethereal and soothing – the perfect antidote to a hectic work week.


A post shared by YOGASCAPES (@yogascapes) on

Practicing yoga while crammed into a dull city studio seems counter-intuitive, right? Yogascapes features yogis from around the globe in a myriad of soothing locations.


A post shared by Lonely Planet (@lonelyplanet) on

These guys have been churning out travel guides for more than 40 years; if there is a destination worth visiting, you can bet they’ve covered it. The variety showcased on this account is amazing, and their sense of wanderlust is palpable.


A post shared by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on

Her 2.5 million followers can’t be wrong. This Sydney beauty has been tapped on the shoulder by e-commerce giant Revolve to join their stable of high-profile affiliated bloggers. Her recent foray into homewares has added some lush interior shots to her account.


This Arizona-born blogger has leveraged her Instagram success into a major travel app – who better to pinch restaurant suggestions off? And her fashion edits are almost as drool-worthy as her exotic escapes.


A post shared by National Geographic (@natgeo) on

Travel isn’t all about bikinis and selfies; the cultural immersion has a long-lasting impact. In-between the obligatory shots of cute animals, National Geographic dots its account with incredible (and sometimes confronting) shots of protests, illegal hunting, and burial rituals.


If you’ve been lusting over the pink interiors at Sketch restaurant recently, then A Lady in London will have you crying into your English Breakfast tea. This is the ultimate homage to the home of Harrods.


A post shared by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

This is the account that sparked a million copycats. Russian photographer Murad shot to fame with his photo series in which he LITERALLY follows his girlfriend (now wife) across the world. Check the #followmeto tag to see this sweet couple holding hands everywhere from Dubai to Dagestan.


This ginger-bearded hipster gave corporate life the middle finger and decided to get out of his comfort zone. We love this account for moody interior shots, and sensitive snaps of interesting locals.


A post shared by Angelica Blick (@angelicablick) on

Not only does the Swedish blogger have a fantasy lifestyle, she also has a butt to rival Kim Kardashian and she’s not afraid to show it off in her endless bikini collection! Currently exploring the Philippines, this travel goddess is a self-confessed puppy-lover, so expect plenty of cute pooches on this account.


This Paris-based Swede captures the French lifestyle that most of us could only dream of. Shots of her luxe daily life are punctuated by fresh blooms, decadent cakes, and high-end fashion accessories.

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