The Best Places to Buy Plants in Brisbane

Wild plant-lovin’ people, this one is for you.

By Guest Styler | 21st September 2016

Plants are creeping into our Instagram and Pinterest feeds left, right and centre. But sometimes it’s even harder to FIND them than it is to care for them.

So whether you’re after a lush oasis escape, or you just want to add a pop of greenery to your abode, we’ve put together a list of THE best places to buy plants in Brisbane. Round up your fellow green thumbs and schedule an outing because these places are EPIC.

Mappins Nursery & Acquariam, West End

This inner-city sanctuary is a gold mine for plant lovers. Nestled in a row of warehouses, Mappins is a quaint nursery boasting an array of plants for any style, indoor or out. As you enter their rustic interior, you’ll be met with an array of cacti and succulents, as well as ponds and water plants, aquarium supplies and everything you need to make your garden kitchen blossom.

Brookfield Garden Centre, Brookfield

This place is what all your plant dreams are made of. Much more than just a nursery, you could spend a whole day at Brookfield Garden Centre and still feel like you have more to explore. You’ll find the crème del le crème of greenery, with roses of every variety, natives to love, blooming aloes, palms, succulents and cacti. They have basically anything and everything you could think of.

If you’re not sure how to style your newly-acquired green babies, head to the gift house on-site. It’s bursting with handmade goodies to help your designs come to life. And with their aim to source as much as they can locally, you’ll leave knowing you’re supporting Australian-made products. That’s a win-win in our books!

Saturday Fresh Markets, Rocklea

As cheap as they are lush, the plants at Saturday Fresh Markets are ones to be reckoned with. Often half the price of greenery offered at other nurseries, you can snag everything from big outdoor plants and pots in every colour to natives, succulents and cacti. I’d recommend driving out there so you can simply back your car, load your plants and race home to let your green thumb flourish. Remember to bring some coins along for entry and parking!

The Soul Pantry, Newmarket

Step into this oasis for a dose of greenery to refresh your abode and bring life to your personal sanctuary. The Soul Pantry has a range of terrariums on offer so you can feel like a green thumb without committing to a full-blown plant. Plus, terrariums look great in any area of the home or office! Up-skill by booking your spot in one of their helpful and hands-on workshops!

Oxley Nursery, Oxley

One of Brisbane’s biggest garden centres, Oxley Nursery prides itself on being a centre for avid gardeners. And for good reason! Their collection is out of this world. While they do stock common plants, their true passion is flora of the rare and exotic variety. From exotic bromeliads and stunning Heliconias to versatile bamboo and super tropical palms, there is no shortage of plants for any setting.

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Oasis Nursery, Kelvin Grove

Grown and cared for with love, this plant-lined escape is overflowing with interesting trees, shrubs, indoor greenery and succulents. With friendly staff on hand to help you with any plant-related questions, you’ll leave with arms full of lush goodness and a head full of knowledge to keep your little ones thriving.

Cottage Garden Nursery, Woolloongabba

Labelled an inner-city garden escape, be prepared to lose yourself in the cutest sanctuary Woolloongabba has to offer. Providing everything your garden needs to reach its most beautiful potential, you can choose from balcony plants, orchids, shade plants and indoor and outdoor pots. If you work up an appetite shopping around, stop into The Smug Fig, nestled inside the Cottage Garden Nursery. The food is divine and it is the perfect spot to take in the picturesque surroundings.

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