Easy Sweet: Ice cream sandwiches

Easy Sweet: Ice cream sandwiches

Get your doughnut, salted caramel AND ice cream sandwich fix all in one go with this easy dessert recipe.

By Guest Styler | 18th June 2015

Ice Cream Sandwich Ingredients

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ready to eat ice cream sandwiches

I've shared recipes for poached pears and no bake lime and coconut pies, but I reckon this one could be my fave so far. Because, let's face it: nothing beats a good ice cream sandwich. Summer, winter, breakfast - anytime as far as I’m concerned. And they are so simples! Or complicated, if you want them to be… you go all out and  churn your own ice cream, and bake choice of surrounds. But in the interest of time and ease, we are going take the cheat’s route. So this is less of a recipe, more of an assembly.

There are a hundred million combinations you could make but in this instance we are going to stick to the classics – Salted Caramel Stroop Waffles, and Jam Doughnut.

If you want them looking perfect then make them the day before so you have time to finesse. Otherwise if you want them NOW then don’t do the fussy stuff below.


The filling
Half a litre of caramel ice cream (I used Coles Caramel Popcorn)
Half a litre of good quality vanilla ice cream (I used Connoisseur)
Raspberry jam (I used Bonne Maman)
Flake bar, broken up into tiny flakes
Pinch rock salt

To sandwich
4 cinnamon doughnuts
8 Dutch stroop waffles* (2 packets, found in the international section of the supermarket)


Remove caramel popcorn ice cream from freezer and let soften slightly. Stir in a good pinch of rock salt and return to the freezer to harden. This could take an hour or so.

When you’re ready to assemble make sure you have everything ready (and your air-con on full speed if it’s summer), you’re going to need to assemble double quick.

Cut each of the doughnuts in half so you have a top and a base. Remove the vanilla ice cream from freezer and working quickly, place a scoop on the base of a doughnut. Spread out with a butter knife to the edges and level. Repeat with other doughnut bases. If the ice cream is melting at this stage, return to the freezer to harden while you do the waffles.

Place a scoop of (the now salted) caramel popcorn ice cream on the bottom waffle and then smoosh together with the top waffle. They are pretty hard so will be able to press the ice cream out to the edges. If you’ve got good even edges and the ice cream isn’t too melted, you can roll the edge in the flake to create a chocolate crust. Otherwise return the sandwiches to the freezer to harden and do this step a bit later.

Once the ice cream sandwiches have hardened sufficiently, take one out at a time and proceed to make pretty. Doughnuts – using a spoon, scoop out a little of the ice cream from the centre and fill with a generous blob of raspberry jam. Top with other half of doughnut and then smooth out the ice cream edges with the butter knife. Return to the freezer and do the same with the rest. Waffles – smooth out edges and then roll half in the flake.

You can freeze these overnight, the doughnuts don’t go too hard so by the time you take them from the freezer, plate and serve they’ll be perfect. The stroop waffles go all lovely and crunchy and then chewy once you’re eating them. Yum.

Serves 8.

If you have rubber egg moulds, you can use these to create the perfect shape ice cream fillings for your sandwiches! Scoop ice cream into the moulds, level the top and return to the freezer to harden. When it comes time to assemble, you can just pop in the middle of your doughnuts/waffles. Genius.

Want MORE caramel in the waffle version? You could use a bag of caramel popcorn for the crust instead of the flake. Just crush up a bit before rolling the edge through then scatter remaining popcorn around plates before serving.

*Stroop waffles are sweet spiced waffles held together by delicious layers of caramel.

Recipe, styling and photography by Junita Hayes.


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