For some time now, Zoe Marshall has been very vocal about her struggles with endometriosis and subsequent fertility issues, as we touched upon when speaking to her earlier this year. So naturally, it was a welcome surprise when her and husband, rugby league legend, Benji, announced their pregnancy on Father’s Day this year.

After a long battle with severe endometriosis, leaving her doubting she would ever carry a child, Zoe went to Chinese medical practitioner, Dr Shuquan Liu, in February in an attempt to fall pregnant, embarking on a two-week no food detox. While she received unwavering support from her husband throughout the process, others were not quite so understanding.

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“When you’re doing something so radical like not eating, people get worried,” she says.

After discovering she was pregnant on her 33rd birthday, Zoe felt a mixture of relief and happiness
because she didn’t think it would happen so soon.

“Falling pregnant was such a shock. We had only been in our second month of the pregnancy
program with Dr Liu.”

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Zoe, however, citing she struggled with morning sickness and often felt isolated throughout her first trimester.

“Pregnancy is brutal, the first trimester I was so sick. For weeks, I felt like I had the worst hangover
of my life. I couldn’t socialise or even leave bed some days,” she says.

True to form, Zoe has begun documenting her pregnancy on her personal blog and with her near
thirty thousand Instagram followers, promising to share her experience along the way.

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On the topic of the baby’s gender, for now the Marshalls have decided not to find out. But
that doesn’t mean they haven’t been privy to the constant questions. I ask if Benji is hoping for a
son to carry on his footballing legacy.

“That’s such a clichéd question,” she laughs, telling me that it’s often the first thing people
ask her.

“We just want our baby to be its own individual person.”

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