We Chat With Zoe Foster Blake About Smelly Boys And The F Word

We Chat With Zoe Foster Blake About Smelly Boys And The F Word

How the beauty guru and everyone’s imaginary BFF came to write a book about farts.

By Tamille Head | 30th November 2017

Somewhere, between raising two adorable children, running a beauty empire, crafting hilarious Instagram captions and playing house with funny man, Hamish Blake, Zoë Foster Blake found the time to try her hand at children’s picture books. And by ‘try her hand’, of course I mean ‘completely nail’ because when it comes to Zoë Foster Blake, we’ve come to find the bird really knows no other way.

Before my interview, I’m sent a copy of her new book, No One Likes A Fart. It arrives with a whoopee cushion attached, in true Foster Blake form. The girl loves a gag and it’s this fun breed of wit, entirely her own, that has won Zoë a whole dingin’ country of loyal fans.

We hang out for news of her latest releases, both beauty and book-form. We laugh out loud at her posts on social media (who could forget the time she announced her second pregnancy in spectacular fashion, with a nod to a certain Queen Bey?) We run out and buy whatever she recommends. We watch in awe as she debuts the most extravagant and location-appropriate holiday wardrobes, taking mental notes to up our own game the next time we vacation. The thing with ZFB is that, despite being a downright over-achiever, she is still so damn relatable.

As I write this, I’m acutely aware that the term dingin’ has probably only made its way into my vocabulary after years of absorbing her own writing. Without question, Zoë’s chatty tone has influenced a whole generation of writers.

A keen lover of children’s books, it was only a matter of time before the best-selling author wrote her own, given that she was reading her toddler, Sonny, up to 40 titles a week at the time.

“I’ve always loved and admired children’s literature. It’s such an incredible category. Done well, it can have incredible meaning, and [teach us] lessons about life,” Zoë says.

“I always thought that if I was going to do it, I would take that responsibility pretty seriously. But then I went and wrote a fart book.”

So, how does the woman who’s spent the better part of two decades building a career in the beauty industry, from taking on the role of Beauty Editor to launching her own skincare line, come to write a book about farts?

“Well, I’m surrounded by them,” she laughs, telling me that her husband and son are constantly letting them rip.

“I’m the lady of the house and I have to say, ‘oh yuck, go outside, that’s disgusting'. That’s how the idea came about. It’s almost been like a form of therapy because I’m so anti-fart,” she says.

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“Most fart books are quite vulgar and gross, aimed at boys; this is a very sweet little fart. I’ve probably done myself a disservice here, but I’ve done farts a great service.”

But No One Likes A Fart is so much more than just a ‘fart book’ as Zoë affectionately refers to it. At its core, the story is about accepting yourself and finding a friend who loves you just the way you are; a message that is just as important to the parents reading the book as it is to the children it was written for.

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So, what’s next for the golden girl of beauty? 2018 will see big stuff coming out with her hugely successful (and adorably-packaged) skincare line, Go-To, plus a much-anticipated new fiction release.

“I’m just trying to enjoy my baby. Next year will be more family focused,” Zoë says.

To find out what Zoë will be reading this summer, pick up a copy of the December edition of Style Magazines or peep it here!

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Article by Tamille Head

Tamille was a Journalist at Style Magazines. She enjoys green smoothies and gin & soda (with cucumber) in equal measures. When she’s not writing about lifestyle trends, she can be found heading to gigs, adding to her hat collection, or ducking down to the coast for a salt water fix. She can rarely be found in the kitchen because pizza is life.


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