Are yoga cafés the next best way to dine and unwind?

Are yoga cafés the next best way to dine and unwind?

Release your inner chai.

By Sian Carrington | 23rd March 2017

If you enjoy the sweet simplicities of yoga and tea, why not blend the two luxuries together and indulge with yoga cafés?

This new trend is taking off around the world, but will Australia embrace it on a larger scale? We already know that cat cafés have done surprisingly well but is there something extra-special about having a coffee date with a feline? Will a yoga café flop like a downward dog, or will it salute to the sun and attract all yoga bunnies, fitness gurus and coffee-lovers from afar?

Take a peek at some of the holistic yoga cafes that are open around the world already.

1. BSKT | Gold Coast, Australia

A post shared by BSKT Cafè (@bsktcafe) on

A post shared by BSKT Cafè (@bsktcafe) on

There is a yoga café right here in Queensland!! This inspiring Gold Coast venue opened in 2013. Their incredible selection of vegan wholefoods is mouth-watering and free from artificial products. You can’t go past the tantalisingly-sweet Cocowhip on offer – it’s dairy-, gluten- and guilt-free.

BSKT is now recognised as a global health food brand. And if that’s not enough, the yoga studio is located above the café, and comes complete with reasonably-priced introduction offers. They even offer prenatal and antenatal classes for mums.

2. The Yogaisthaan Café | Bangalore, India

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Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Yoga originated in ancient India and remains a peaceful and spiritual practice today; the beneficial effects on the mind and body have helped it become one of the most popular forms of meditation and fitness across the world. The Yogaisthaan Cafe is a quaint yoga house that promotes soulful living with a healthy cafe, a curated shop and a beautiful yoga studio. Their vegan menu is healthy, organic and authentic, with everything from fruit-pumped smoothies to sweet summer salads, prepared with Ayurvedic principles to promote a healthy lifestyle.

3. Eat, Drink, Om | Pennsylvania, USA

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The USA loves meditation, and it seems like yoga cafés are on the rise there too! This little yoga studio in Pennsylvania offers a range of energising yoga classes for all ages and abilities, including classes for children. Check out their Yoga Lunch – a 30-minute budget yoga experience suitable for all skill levels. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries with a delicious healthy lunch and a restorative burst of exercise.

4. Botannix Yoga Studio & Garden Café | Botany Bay, Australia

A little closer to home, Botannix Yoga rests in the beautiful Botany Bay, providing a holistic, unique experience for all yoga-lovers. The little garden café outside serves a delicious, nutritious menu to complement your yoga experience.

5. Jivamukti Yoga | New York, USA

New York offers a taste of tranquility and spiritualism with a vast range of yoga classes and an all-organic vegan café. With heaps of yoga class styles and a range of nourishing, sustaining meals, Jivamuktea Cafe has it all. There’s even a little boutique shop selling yoga props, jewellery and their very own Jivamuktea Teas. Book your flights to the Big Apple now!

6. Mystic Yoga Café | Kolkata, India

The Mystic Yoga Cafe, located in India, blends traditional yoga classes in a fancy studio with a healthy menu in their street store. Mystic Yoga Cafe will appease your hunger for nourishment with a range of healthy breakfast options, thick fruity juices, creamy smoothies and some mouth-watering wraps and sandwiches.

So what do you think? Do we really need a caffeine fix right after an hour of yoga in a studio?

I say YES! I’d love to see yoga cafés down every street in Brisbane. Imagine how calm we’d all be! If there are thriving cat cafés in Brisbane that offer yoga classes, then I’m sure we can make it work for humans too. A detoxing yoga class and a soothing hot drink is the ultimate organic treat.

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Article by Sian Carrington

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