The Work Trend That’s Turning Us Into Homebodies

The Work Trend That’s Turning Us Into Homebodies

Out of the office and into your trackie daks.

By Jade Horrobin | 27th July 2017

If you don’t already work from home, there’s every chance you will sometime in the next decade, going by trends.

It may be because your office has finally embraced telecommuting, which allows teams to work effectively from remote locations.

Or it may be because you’ve finally realised millions of years of human evolution have not equipped your body for a sedentary life behind a desk.

Either way, there is little doubt Australian businesses are beginning to embrace the teleworker.

Working nine-to-five Monday-to-Friday became the norm for many employees in the 20th century. But technology is isrupting this practice, as it has so many of our last-century ways.

Although much of the workforce is still chained to a desk for 38 hours a week, heavy workloads and stressful days cause almost 3.5 million of us to work from home regularly.

The digital age presents a threat to our work-life balance because it allows us to check our work emails at 7pm on a Sunday night or lose an evening catching up on a heavy workload.

But it also brings us the work-from-home alternative, which could be the last word in the balance debate.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost a third of the labour force now works from home at least some of the time.

Teleworking doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing game. But it does require a disciplined restructuring of your lifestyle, to segregate work and leisure hours and maximise your creative output. It’s about producing results on your terms, whatever they may be.

One thing’s for sure: teleworking is here to stay. Some pundits predict this trend will take hold rapidly in the next few years.

Looks like it’s goodbye to your office pencil skirts and hello to your work pyjamas.

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Article by Jade Horrobin

Jade is a Digital Journalist for Style Magazines. She’s a board game aficionado, green tea fiend and can shake up a mean espresso martini. Jade has a problematic addiction to learning Eminem lyrics and enjoys brunch way too much to consider buying a house any time soon.


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