Why We Sort of Care About the Kardashians

Why We Sort of Care About the Kardashians

They named their baby WHAT?!

By Emma Carr | 15th December 2016

It might be unfathomable to some, but there are still people in this world who ask, “Who are the Kardashians and why are we keeping up with them?”

I recently stumbled across a headline that read, “KARDASHIANS GO TO LUNCH”. Thank goodness I saw it. Prior to that, I was unaware that celebrities ate breakfast AND dinner, let alone LUNCH!

Time.com recently revealed that the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are officially the highest-earning reality television stars. Kim, who is arguably the most famous of all, clocked in at top spot with $51 million in earnings. In total, America’s unofficial royal family made a combined $122.5 million. I’m unsure if that includes North, South and East. Argue all you like but the numbers are in and we’re obviously keeping up pretty well.

It is undeniable that a large portion of the world is obsessed with everything that they do, whether you admit hatred or love for the power fam. If you’re the former, I have little double that you’re an activist for the “no talent” argument. You don’t have to agree with their morals, actions or outfit choices, but it’s becoming harder and harder to deny even the slightest amount of talent given the consistent rise of their pay cheques.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

In 1995, less than one per cent of the world’s population had access to the internet. Today, around 40 per cent of the population is connected. In 2014, the number of internet users reached three billion. 70 per cent of them use the internet every single day – a figure that has grown by 566 per cent since the turn of the millennium. On average, 139,344 new websites go live every single day and 144 billion emails (68 per cent spam-filled) travel through that Cloud every 24 hours. I was never very good at math but to me all those figures add up to something big.

Now for the clincher: Kim broke the internet.

Well actually, she #BrokeTheInternet. She remained THE major headline for two weeks and was the topic of a Saturday Night Live segment. That was not the only time this had happened either. There was that time she went platinum blonde, that time she first showed off her $4.5 million engagement ring and that time she lost her earrings in the ocean.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

In all seriousness, strip away the show, the fame and the money, and the Kardashians are just a family. A large, dysfunctional family full of love, just trying to deal with issues that are being broadcast to the entire world.

You’ve heard the argument before and even if you don’t relate to their specific situation, everyone can relate to having a family dynamic change. How would you feel if the world picked apart your relationship with your mother, your father’s gender, your child’s behaviour, your husband’s mental health or your sister’s career choices?

We can’t hate ’em for being rich and let’s be honest, that’s why most of us do. Don’t hate the player guys, hate the game.

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Article by Emma Carr

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