Why Being Single On New Year's Eve Rocks

Why Being Single On New Year's Eve Rocks

Start your countdown to awesomeness.

By Sarah Taviani | 30th December 2015

The internet is littered with articles about how to “survive” being single on New Year’s Eye. Like you will somehow DIE if you’re not in a relationship on the night when people all around the world prove that they can count backwards from 10 when prompted.

New Year’s Eve is just another night. It’s not Valentine’s Day; we’re not celebrating couples. We’re celebrating that the Earth has yet again managed to orbit around the sun and we’re not all dead so we can continue to question our life choices for another year. (Congrats, Earth. You’ve done a stellar job so far, buddy.) So instead of telling you how to “survive” terminal singledom, we're going to remind you of all the reasons why being single on New Year’s Eve ROCKS.

You can be spontaneous

If you decide at the last minute that you want to party, get dressed and go! And if looking at your wardrobe and makeup makes you feel like taking a nap, take one! (Naps are glorious.) And don’t feel bad if you’ve forked out some money for the best NYE party in town and you don’t feel like going; see the money spent as an investment in your happiness. Sometimes naps just make you super happy.

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Choices, choices

You can do anything YOU want on New Year’s Eve and not worry whether your S/O is having a good time. Grab your bestie if you want, or party the night away solo; either way, you do you and have fun!

Pucker up

Single life is all the better to kiss randoms with, my dear. And on New Year’s Eve, you can be a kissing ninja if you want. Find a suspect (preferably a similarly single human because we’re not here for drama) and assess their interest in being kissed (don’t make this uncomfortable for them). Once you’ve found a suitable target, lock lips and run. I mean, if you want. If it’s a good kiss then maybe stick around but since most people are expecting a kiss-fest it’s likely that no one will think twice.

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When the clock strikes midnight, just pash and dash. Image: Giphy

Home is where the partner isn’t

There’s usually one person in every couple who will go hard on the party and light on the sense, especially when a drinks package is included in their ticket. Their loving partner gets to drag their sorry butt home and, if they’re super lucky, dodge any untimely vomiting. Not you, though. When the magic fades and you’re ready to go home (at ANY TIME, because you’re single), you can bibbidi-bobbidi-back the f*** out of the party and not have to take care of anyone but yourself.

Low-key love

If braving the NYE crowds sounds like the ninth circle of hell, then you don’t have to do ANYTHING. Ignore those loved-up friends who are trying to lure you out into the wilderness. Put on your pyjamas and cuddle up with your best friend in the whole world (your couch) for some quality TV time. Maybe read a book. Drink some tea. Order a pizza. Give your cat his eardrops. Go to bed before midnight with the calm assumption that the world will still be there when you wake.

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Article by Sarah Taviani

Sarah is a Journalist. She loves lists, stationery and dresses with pockets. Sarah frequently breaks her self-imposed book-buying ban when she’s not looking.


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