What makes your Mum unique?

What makes your Mum unique?

She’s great for gossip, the best at potato bake, or always up for a trash tv binge. We love you, Mum!

By Guest Styler | 22nd April 2015

by Lucy White and Lucy Stephens

Every mother is unique and has something that sets her apart from all the other mums; it’s the contagiousness of her laugh, the glint in her eye, or the fact that she hugs better than any other person you know.

They helped us tie our shoes, choose formal dresses, and although you'd hate to admit it - that guy she said was wrong for you at 17? Well, she was right.

Inspired by the gorgeous video released by Pandora last week, and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, we asked our staff what makes their Mums unique? Get ready, Mums – here’s what we love about you!

Tracy Johnston - Publisher

Mum was sports-mad and played basketball, golf, squash, tennis (you name it) all throughout our childhood - and she was a gun.  Also, she got not one, but two hole-in-ones which was pretty amazing!

Claire Parviz – Editor

My mum is crazy! She is always wiling to give new things a go and is the most active facebook user/stalker I know… She's proof you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks!

Claire (right) with her daughter Leila (left) and her mum

Christie Sutherland – Editorial Coordinator

Her zesty youthful approach to life and go-getter attitude makes her incredibly contagious!

Christie Sutherland and her mum Kelly

Christie and her mum Kelly

Lucy Stephens – Digital Editor

She's young at heart, doesn't ever stop moving, loves all things English (including my Father), and believes a slick of white paint can breathe new life into just about anything.

Lucy and her mother Lorraine

Lucy and her mother Lorraine

Cassie Mullins - Consultant

My Grandmother’s 94 and still my favourite person to have a cup of tea with (and a gossip!)

Cassie Mullins and her grandmother

Cassie and her grandmother

Junita Hayes – Senior Graphic Designer

She can grow absolutely anything and is pretty much an encyclopedia of gardening. I call her 'The Herb Whisperer'.

Riria Taukamo – Digital Manager

She has the best ‘mum’ jokes, good youthful genes (fingers crossed I inherit these) and from across the ditch she still manages to make her children feel loved and supported.

Riria (Ree) and her mum

Riria (Ree) and her mum

Sarah McAlpine - Journalist and Business Development Manager

Her unconditional love for my family, her ability to befriend anyone and everyone, and her embarrassingly passionate Facebook rants.

Sarah and her mum Lorraine

Sarah and her mum Lorraine

Jane Schon - Journalist

Mum is very artistic and she still has a wicked sense of humour and youthful attitude - which I admire. She's also very dedicated and she motivates me to always do my best. She believes in me.

Jane and her mum

Jane and her mum

Caitlyn Spanner - Journalist

She makes every problem disappear; she’s my best friend.

Hannah Doody – Journalist

My mum’s energy, insane generosity and ridiculous sense of humour make her unique.

Hannah (far right) with her sister Olivia and her mum Jennifer.

Hannah (far right) with her sister Olivia and her mum Jennifer

Angela Castles – Intern

She always ensured I had everything I ever wanted, plus she provides sassy MKR commentary.

Lucy White – Intern

She gives great advice, bakes a mean chocolate cake, and shares my love of trash TV.

Lucy White with her mum and dad

Lucy White with her mum and dad

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