What every hot Pilates and yoga instructor wants you to know

What every hot Pilates and yoga instructor wants you to know

Ever wondered what the internal monologue of your instructor is thinking as you stretch, sweat and sculpt those muscles in class? We have the answers.

By Candice Jackson | 15th July 2015

We all know what I thought taking my very first hot Pilates class (read my first 30 thoughts here), but have you ever wondered what your instructor is thinking when they’re at the front of the class or walking the aisles as the silence deafens the room, while your thoughts say “Please don’t single me out… I hope I’m doing this right.”

If you haven’t, you probably will now. However, I have the answers, so there’s no need to guess anymore.

What your Pilates or yoga instructor wants you to know:

1. “Embrace being a beginner!”

We love new faces, just as much as our dedicated regulars. When you’re a beginner, we want you to ask as many questions as you feel necessary and if you don’t want to do that during class, come see us before or after class. Embrace the newbie lifestyle, and focus on your own journey and you’ll be a seasoned sweaty betty in no time.

2. “We aren’t grossed out by your sweat. Honestly.”

It’s a hot Pilates and Yoga studio; if you don't sweat, you're probably not working hard enough. We know you feel like you’re going to leave a small swimming pool behind, but we doubt that’s the case. Don’t feel like you have to dab your face with your towel every 5 minutes for the benefit of your fellow class members or us. We don’t mind it and we’re sure they don’t either.

3. “We don’t care what you wear.”

It’s not a fashion parade, and we only care that you’re getting the most out of your session. After all, whether you’re wearing Lulu Lemons, However, personally, I would always try and avoid wearing the see-through tights… doesn’t make sense

4. “We’re not checking you out.”

If anything we are checking to ensure your stances and poses are performed correctly and safely. So next time the instructor gets close, don’t panic and pretend you can’t hold the stance anymore or go for a strategic drink of water, we’re here to help you and improve your craft, so please let us.

5. “Don’t check out your fellow classmates. Focus on you.”

No, we’re not talking about a ‘dayumm’ sort of checking out, we are talking about when you check out their stance and try to get your leg, arm or body in the same formation. Please focus on you, because everyone’s body and fitness journey is different, and you may try too much, too soon. One day you’ll get there we promise, but in the meantime we prefer that you don’t force it.

6. “We’re all human and all make embarrassing noises…”

By embarrassing, we mean passing gas. We all do it and we all know how awkward it can be, so we promise to pretend like it didn’t happen, provided you do too. Some certain poses and stretches just make it happen - it’s all part of being human!

7. “We want you to work hard, but not if it hurts.”

We aren’t a bunch of nasty instructors here to put you through pain for our pleasure. We want you to feel the burn or that stretch through your muscles, but we don’t want you to be in so much pain that you’ll never return to the class again. We’ll miss you! So please speak up when something hurts and we will more than likely have a suitable substitution for you.

8. “Listen to your body.”

If you feel you need a break because you are low on energy (maybe you haven't eaten lunch, feel tired or a little under the weather), take as many breaks as you need, and remember the floor is your best friend.

9. “We won’t be offended if you try another class with another instructor.”

We know you might have your favourites, however we encourage you to try to attend as many different instructors' classes each week, as we all teach in our own way. Experiencing a variety of classes will give you more opportunities to learn what suits you, grow your knowledge and improve your craft. Try to have an open mind and appreciate what each instructor gives you, as the all put their heart and soul into every class.

How do I, a humble mat goer, know this? These are the thoughts commonly held by Harlow Hot Pilates and Yoga instructors, who happily let me pick their brains for this article.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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