Weird Hangover Cures That Work

Weird Hangover Cures That Work

Would you try anything if it meant that throbbing headache and churning stomach would go away?

By Candice Jackson | 31st December 2015

So you decided to go out and party. You have some drinks, then some more, and pretty soon you're on top of the world (or on top of a roof yelling to the world that you're a golden goddess). You feel untouchable; you're the life of the party, the queen bee, the dancing queen (even though you're WAY past being young and sweet and only 17). You stumble home and collapse into bed after a fricking fantastic night, and dream the dreams of... well, you probably don't dream because lets face it, you probably passed out.

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And then the pain sets in. Your head is throbbing, your mouth is dry, you can't decide if you need a mound full of greasy food to settle the stomach or if it's all just going to come right back up again. (Hint: it probably will, but don't let that stop you from devouring delicious hangover fry-ups. Because hash browns).

Now you’re looking for the quick fix to stop your suffering and be able to function like a normal human being for the remainder of the day (we say remainder, because you probably didn’t surface from your bed sheets until at least midday).

Beating, conquering and banishing your hangover is all about combating dehydration, fatigue, while aiming to balancing the bodies immune system and metabolism back to its normal state again.

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While we’ve all tried nibbling dry toast, sipping sports drinks packed with electrolytes, swallowing an Ibuprofen or aspirin, attempting to sleep it off, down it in greasy foods or drinking the hair of the dog to dodge the effects of the night before, here are some other ways to bid your hangover farewell.

1. Hook Yourself Up To An IV Bag

For reals. While this sounds ridiculous, it’s actually a geniune option for Australians now… Well Sydneysiders anyway. The first “Hangover Clinic” opened in December, 2015 and offers a variety of “cures” in IV bag form ranging from $140 to $200. The treatments claim to cure a hangover in 30 to 45 minutes and administer saline, vitamins, pain medication and oxygen into your body for a faster recovery.

2. Drink Pickle Juice

Pickle juice might not be your drink of choice the morning after a bender, but its salty electrolyte properties help the body recover from a hangover and is known to reduce symptoms such as nausea, bloating and feeling dizzy or unbalanced. If you don’t want pickle juice in the morning (because gross), some bars even offer Pickle Back shots.

3. Bury Yourself In Sand

This tip comes courtesy of the Irish, who believe burying yourself to neck-height in damp sand can cure you of your hangover, aimed at waking you up an getting the blood pumping. We think this sounds like the equivalent of having a cold shower, and we’d probably prefer to stick to that TBH.

4. Plan A Small Sweat Sesh

We’re not surprised if you’ve never tried this one, as exercise is far from our brains the morning after a bender. But, IF you can manage a small amount, like a brisk walk, jog or skip, and ensure you’ve had and continue to intake water to stay hydrated, you'll feel much better for it.

5. Suck On HydraLyte Ice Blocks

While they’re typically marketed toward children, these Ice blocks help soothe the stomach, while allowing you to absorb a minimal amount of sugar and a whole lot of electrolytes to assist in re-hydration. And because they’re designed for children, they taste pretty yummy, too!

6. Eat Asparagus

This humble veg does much more than just look good as a canape with prosciutto. It pays to stock up on asparagus for a snack before the big night or to nibble on the morning after, as the proteins and minerals within this vegetable protect livers from toxins and help settle your stomach and nausea symptoms. Your mum was right when she told you eating veggies was for your own good.

7. Wear Hydration Masks

Yep, these are a thing. Beauty brands such as Rodial, Belif and Orlane have all created their own hangover prevention and after-care facial masks and creams. These products are packed with nutrient rich ingredients for boosting hydration, reducing inflammation, extract toxins and de-stressing and livening the skin and helping your outlook on the day ahead to remain a little more bearable.

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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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