20/20 Vision: Take Off Your Glasses And See Things From A New Perspective

20/20 Vision: Take Off Your Glasses And See Things From A New Perspective

Meet the new kids on the Ophthalmology block.

By Fiona Williams | 10th September 2019

Valley Eye Specialists (VES) is the newest group Ophthalmology practice in Brisbane, having been established by six Ophthalmologists - Dr Jayne Camuglia, Associate Professor Shuan Dai, Professor Glen Gole, Dr Richa Sharma, Dr Juanita Pappalardo and Dr Jaclyn White.

As newbies to the Valley, we got the 20/20 vision and explored what the team do, how they do it and how they can now help you and your children.


The dynamic and collegiate group at Valley Eye Specialists have worked together, and more importantly, inspired one another endlessly for over a decade. Through this, VES was brought to fruition as a result of the team’s collective passion for improving vision and improving the lives of each and every one of their patients.

Drawing on a wealth of clinical experience and expertise that is recognised both locally and internationally, the team at VES pride themselves on providing personalised and highly specialised care from birth right through to all stages of adulthood.

Setting themselves apart within the industry, VES incorporates QPOSS (Queensland Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Surgeons). They are the only group paediatric Ophthalmology practice servicing Queensland and Northern New South Wales and all VES Ophthalmologists have substantial public hospital commitments. The team are all actively involved in passing on their expertise to medical students, junior doctors, optometrists and other medical practitioners.


Every patient under the care of Valley Eye Specialists can be rest assured knowing they are in safe hands. The practice is committed to delivering the best service to each client and are able to go the extra step by accommodating urgent appointments for children and adults.

What are their specialist services?

• Amblyopia and myopia management
• Blocked tear ducts
• Paediatric cataracts
• Strabismus.

For adults:
• Cataracts
• Pterygium,
• Glaucoma
• Complications from diabetes
• Macular degeneration
• Strabismus

To learn more about their services and the talented team, explore their website here.


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Article by Fiona Williams

Fiona is a Journalist and Food Writer who grew up in Adelaide. From Sydney to Brisbane to Canberra and now back to Brisbane, she now calls our wonderful city home. She’s a beauty fanatic obsessed with rose hip oil and she’s definitely made up of at least 80% dry shampoo. A lifelong campaigner against the word ‘good’, Fi (as she likes to be called) loves nothing more than using juicy adjectives and putting honey in her tea.


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