10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Guys Will Actually Love

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Guys Will Actually Love

Sabo Skirt co-owners Thessy & Yiota Kouzoukas reveal how they impress on love day – and how you can too.

By Thessy and Yiota Kouzoukas | 6th February 2018

Valentine’s Day rolls around every year, and every year you tell yourself that you don’t need one day and one gift to say ‘Babe, I love you’. That is, until a dozen roses show up to your work and you realise you haven’t gotten bae ANYTHING!

Sabo Skirt duo Thessy and Yiota Kouzoukas, who are no strangers to the Style team have sat down to share their Valentine’s Day gift shortlists to inspire you to find the ultimate present for him!

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Bae: George Kouzoukas
Status: Married (and new parents!)
Together for: 12 Years
Bae profile: Intelligent, funny, & easy going

1. Device Free Date
George and I work together but we are mostly glued to our screens. I find even when we come home we are working – which means even more screen time. The ultimate gift for both of us is switching off from everything and just being with each other. A couple of hours without our phones is perfect for reconnecting and getting that “us” time that every couple needs.

2. Instax Mini Polaroid Camera
George and I have just become new parents – so this gift is extra sentimental for us this Valentine’s Day. Photo albums and cute baby photos are a staple of everyone’s childhood and a polaroid camera is an easy and fun way to take physical photos of moments. I know George would treasure a convenient way to take pictures of our baby Connor. However, everyone loves having a means to save memories so I think this gift could be a winner for any bae.

3. Monogrammed Accessories (The Daily Edited)
We go travelling together every year, and I have been wanting to get George a toiletries bag that has his initials on it for a while now. At TDE, you can get this done on a range of options – laptop cases, phone cases, wallets, satchels. There is something so luxe and so exciting about having your initials embossed on something. Monogramming is a sure way of taking something blah and making it BAM.

4. Decanters & Tumblers
This is definitely more of a gentleman’s gift, but it’s cool and different. This is something that George would personally love to have, but it’s a gift that your BF can even just display in his home office (even if he isn’t a big drinker). Yeah, it’s a bit old school but it definitely adds a classy touch to his man cave and makes him feel special when he uses it.

5. Sweet Treat Pack
When you think of Valentine’s Day you always picture a girl receiving something cliché like a MASSIVE box of chocolates. The thing is, women aren’t the ONLY ones who have a sweet tooth. I like to make gifts personal, so instead of going out and buying a treat hamper why don’t you create a little goodie box of all their favourite chocolates and lollies. It’s a budget-friendly gift that shows you really know your partner better than anyone else.


Bae: Georgio Batsinilas
Status: Engaged
Together for: 3 Years (We’ve known each other for 15!!)
Bae profile: Outgoing, confident, & adventurous

1. Quality Time
With Georgio and I both owning our own businesses we are on the go ALL the time. Spending quality time together is our way to show some extra love to each other. Whether this is going out to dinner or watching a movie at home – we love to set aside time where we get to just be with each other and focus on that.

2. A Passion Project Contribution
Georgio works in the health and fitness industry (as the co-owner of FitazFK), and this is his passion! Whenever it comes to choosing a gift for him one of the first things I think of is there anything he needs for the gym. It sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but when something is someone’s passion they always want to grow this interest. For Georgio, this could be a new pair of shoes, a new gym towel, even something as small as a water bottle. Giving this type of gift also is a great way to show them that you listen to, love, and support that things that they are truly interested in.

3. Beach Trip
For most people the beach is a really rejuvenating, relaxing and inspiring place to be. It’s our go-to place if we ever need some time out. Whether you organise a whole get-a-way or just a day trip you CANNOT disappoint by organising some sun, salt and surf for your partner.

4. Korres Skin Care (From Mecca Maxima)
Korres Skin Care is an amazing brand which you can pick up from Mecca Maxima (it’s one of the only men’s brands they stock). While skin care sounds like it wouldn’t be a hit with guys, their products are masculine, cool, and actually get bae excited about washing his face! An extra bonus for us is the brand is Greek – we’re both from Greek heritage and Georgio loves ANYTHING Greek. Give Korres a go, I don’t think your man will be disappointed.

5. Bluetooth Speakers
Georgio and I listen to music every Saturday morning and I think it’s time we upgraded our current sound system. Fun fact, last year Georgio and I spent a morning lying in bed listening to a playlist with all the songs we’ve loved in the 15 years we’ve known each other… and then he proposed! So trust me when I say a good set of Bluetooth speakers isn’t a boring gift – and can be a long-term investment for you too.

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Article by Thessy and Yiota Kouzoukas

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