Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse

Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse

Bella embarks on the final detox of her juice cleanse journey with Urban Remedy.

By Bella Frizza | 12th August 2014

I’ve done a few detoxes before but was extra excited about this one for a number of reasons. A: It’s a 5 day cleanse with 30 juices, and I’ve never done one for that long before; B: You can mix and match your ‘cleanses’ too so I’m doing a Beauty Detox  - promising to giving you glowing skin and a Digestive Detox for those of us who have a sensitive gut; C: I haven’t been feeling amazing lately, eating heaps of sugar and coffee so I’m keen to get back on track.

General Manager Laura of Urban Cleanse says the detox is created to offer premium nutrition.

"Each formulation was nutritionally designed in-house by a Certified Health Coach, providing a balance of essential nutrients + extra nutrition to suit a specific health goal.”

Day One

Feeling: Good and energised for this cleanse. I got up did a spin class and did a yoga class in the afternoon. Enjoying the different juices. I love that with this cleanse that you can take the juices in whatever order you choose. So I choose to have the vegetable juices at the start of the day and then towards the end have the thicker ones as that’s when I get the hungriest. I have the banana juice at about 4.30 and then the Chocolate Mylk at about 7pm.

Day Two

Feeling: Awesome and my skin has already cleared after it was breaking out 2 days ago! I’m a little hungry but enjoying the juices and really looking forward to how I will feel once it’s all over! Been quite energetic this morning; I did a Harlow hot yoga class and managed to get some shopping in with a girlfriend. (We all know how much energy we need for a good shop!)

Day Three

Feeling: A little exhausted with a terrible headache! I downed the Turkish Rose Elixir and then went back to sleep. The elixir is one of my faves - Rose water, aloe vera, pink lady apple, stevia, water; it tastes very refreshing and yummy!

My headache got a little worse, so I downed two pain relief tablets – that’s allowed isn’t it? To be honest, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to eating a meal on Saturday…
I did eat half a banana at about midday to see if it would ease my headache, but it didn’t. I guess that’s all part of the detox process.

Headache aside,  I am feeling slim and my clothes are fitting much better than before. My flatmate even commented that my tummy is really flat! Now, that’s motivational!

Healing pear and Turkish Rose detox drinks

Healing pear (left) and the Turkish rose elixir (right). So good!

Day Four

Feeling: Great! And looking great! My skin is super clear; and at this stage I never want this detox to end. I must admit I ate an apple and a banana today because I was just so hungry. But the juices still taste amazing and I feel satisfied now that I’m on to the Digestive cleanse - these are different juices to what I was having at the start of the week so it’s nice not to just have the one. Wasn’t feeling as energetic today but still squeezed in a hot yoga sesh and couldn’t wait for dinner time to come round so I could drink my Chai Mylk! So yummy.

Day Five

Feeling: Amazing! I’m strutting round the house with my skinny jeans on and really want to hit the town tonight as I feel so good! My skin is glowing which is one of the main reasons I did this cleanse to get the sparkle back into my skin. I’m feeling as if I can do anything now. It’s amazing how much will power we can have if we really put our minds to it. Not just with eating but with our entire life. Whenever I do a cleanse now I take it to the other areas of my life.

I’m not into weighing myself but I feel like I’ve lost a few kilos. I feel so good I’m starting to plan what I will eat tomorrow so I don't go too crazy too quickly over the next few days and ruin all the good work I’ve put in. The girls recommend having no alcohol a few days prior and post cleanse, which I think is a wise suggestion.

I think this is one of those cleanses that is a great first cleanse option as they really encourage you to eat if you have to.

In conclusion:

Overall I really like the way you can mix and match your detox so it’s not just, ‘Here’s the 5 day cleanse, now drink it’. You can individualise the program and choose at which part of the day you drink which juice/smoothie because at the end of the day we are all different and have different bodies.

Laura has some advice for those of us trying out a cleanse for the very first time.

“Start with 3 day and make sure you include smoothies, mylks or soups to keep you full. You can also incorporate a few healthy snacks or a light meal alongside your cleanse. Fruit, raw or steamed veggies, raw nuts and ½ avocado are some of the options we suggest.”

I did have a bit of a headache for the next day or so but I think this may have been as I wasn’t drinking enough water and as I was really pulling away from sugar, I started to miss the mylks straight away.

Laura told me that the mylks (chocolate, chai and espresso) were designed to satisfy a sweet tooth without any added sugar or naughtiness.

“They contain essential fats and protein to give you that lovely dessert fix without the sugar spike.”

To check out which cleanse would be perfect for you to try, or if you want to make your own hit up urbanremedy.com.au


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Article by Bella Frizza

Bella is fairly new to our fabulous Brisbane and in a past life spent her time testing beauty products and writing boy advice for teen mags. She can’t help but speak in acronyms and swears she’s Katy Perry’s doppelganger. She can be found in her spare time at the beach, uploading selfies onto Instagram, stalking Jason Derulo or rocking the airwaves as a casual announcer on B105.


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