The Unmissable Acts at Brisbane’s Comedy Fest This Month!

The Unmissable Acts at Brisbane’s Comedy Fest This Month!

Because laughter is the best medicine.

By Sophie Venz | 21st February 2019

Brisbane’s Comedy Festival kicks off on February, Friday 22nd until Sunday 24th March, with local and international acts alike set to cause a ruckus of laughter all through the city! With tickets quickly selling out, we’ve chosen our picks on the five acts you must-see during this month of laughter:

Shit-Faced Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

It’s a show that’s already sold 300,000 tickets worldwide, and this March, it’s hitting Brisbane for the very first time! Shit-Faced Shakespeare are a group of hilarious, sell-out, award winning performers that wants their audience to enjoy Shakespeare responsibly.

The show is the hilarious combination of an entirely serious Shakespeare play, complete with an entirely inebriated actor. A different cast member pulls the short straw each night and must become completely intoxicated before stepping foot on stage, meaning no two shows will ever be the same in this riot through A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Tommy Little – Self-Diagnosed Genius

He’s just returned from a trip to Antarctica in December, where he’d run the toughest marathon in the world in minus 20-degree Celsius without any previous experience or training. Luckily, one thing he has plenty of training in is stand-up comedy, and this month Tommy Little is gracing Brisbane with his best show yet!

While the jury is still out on whether he’s an idiot or a genius for his often-publicised actions (including nude bungee jumping on live TV), Tommy believes this show will set the record straight. If you love him on The Project and the radio, we’re sure you’ll love him even more in the flesh!

Charity Werk – Community Service

Drag diva Charity Werk is coming to Brisbane with her debut solo show, Community Service. The show is a combination of stand-up and singing, mixed with the magic of drag, so it’s no surprise that Charity Werk is fresh from a sold-out season at Melbourne Fringe Festival.

An hour of Community Service gives you the sassy and satirical show of love, pop culture, and life as a twenty-something homosexual dressed head-to-toe in their latest lace!

Becky Lucas – Um, Support Me?!

Last year, Becky spent her timing filming skits for Comedy Central, performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival gala, creating a pilot for the ABC and debuting in her first ever solo show at the Sydney Opera House as part of the JFL Comedy Festival – as well as getting banned from Twitter for a joke to the Prime Minister that she’ll tell you all about at her Brisbane stand-up show.

If you’re also passionate about blaming your not-so-lady like behaviours on the moon and the movements of the planets, Becky has an hour of laughs for you!

Dave Thornton – Lean Into It

On the surface, Dave seems to have everything together. He’s a husband, a dad, and a late-thirty-something year old who consumes a balanced diet of black coffee and red wine. While his pop-culture references may be outdated for the millennial generation, his show will be full of laughs for people of all ages.

Whether you’ve seen him on The Project or hosting The Beep Test every week, Dave Thornton promises to deliver you the time (or well, hour) of your life through his quick and self-deprecating wit!

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Article by Sophie Venz

Soph is a Gold Coast girl born-and-bred, who thinks there’s always a reason to celebrate… or is just always looking for an excuse to drink champagne. If she’s not lost in a daydream or the latest bestseller crime novel, Soph is planning her next overseas adventure. She believes tea is the cure to everything and that cheese is a suitable meal replacement, and will never go a day without consuming a copious amount of them both.


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