Let's Talk The Paranormal: The Raw, Real & Unfiltered

Let's Talk The Paranormal: The Raw, Real & Unfiltered

Ghost Busters 👻

By Courtney Frank | 4th February 2020

Unfiltered is a series we showcase in our print mags each month where Brisbane readers share their stories about the good, the complicated and everything in between. This month, we discuss: the paranormal.


I think there’s something out there, but not sure what! My mind is open to all possibilities. I think with psychics, take it with a grain of salt as I really do believe you have control over your own ‘destiny’. With ghosts and angels, I think it’s more so the ‘energy’ that I believe in, as opposed to the physical being. I’ve never had any super obvious signs from above, but I am open to it!


I’m pretty stoic when it comes to typically ‘scary’ things. Spider, squash. Cockroach, see ya later. Heights, meh. Dark, turn on your iPhone torch. But if there’s one thing I’m bloody terrified of it’s the idea that something could be there that I can’t see. I refuse to acknowledge that the paranormal could be an IRL thing, but I also fear it so much so that I once cried when my friend said she saw a spirit in my house (two little girls to be more specific). She’d told me previously that she has encounters with ghosts and has done her whole life, but I never expected that my modern, cookie-cutter townhouse would have tenants already living there that I wasn’t aware of. She knew I was terrified of them and we ended up having a tiff because she told me. Now I look back and laugh, but also, I wouldn’t want to experience it again. 


Oh abso-para-lutely. I think it would be naive to believe that there’s nothing out there beyond human existence. I do however, believe that it all has to do with your mindset and that believing will make  you more susceptible to experiencing paranormal activity. When I was fifteen years old I started playing around with ouija boards after watching scary movies, my mother was furious with me when she found out. She told me endless stories about spirits and ghosts and that the paranormal world wasn’t some joke to play around with. I think from that moment my whole perspective changed. Over the years I have had so many paranormal experiences that there is simply no logical explanation for, it’s freaky. I’ve seen a ghost – a little girl standing in the middle of the road – I was with a friend at the time and we both described the exact same figure. I’ve also visited a highly renowned psychic and my experience was insane, I hardly said as much as my name and she could talk to me about my life just from reading my energy. I find the whole concept of the paranormal world so incredibly interesting and I’ll admit, at times, a little scary. 

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Article by Courtney Frank

Hailing from sunny North Queensland, Courtney believes there’s nothing a good swim in the ocean can’t fix. With a strong background in print journalism, Courts (as she’s affectionally nicknamed) is most proud of her extensive sneaker collection and ever-growing podcast library. A tomboy at heart, when she’s not watching her beloved Brisbane Broncos or adventuring around the Sunshine Coast, you can find her with family, friends and a glass of red wine in hand.


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