Bootcamp for the Soul

Bootcamp for the Soul

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What am I doing? This is not living!” - read on to see how World Ironman Champion, Trevor Hendy’s own journey of self-discovery transformed into a career helping others do the same.

By Jane Schon | 2nd December 2014

Trevor Hendy is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. I feel like I need to begin with that statement to attempt to convey the amazing feeling I experienced when speaking to this incredible individual.

I had heard of Trevor - the elite athlete and World Ironman Champion - and had my preconceptions of who I was about to meet, but was far from prepared for the sense of enlightenment I was about to experience.

Not only does he have the imposing stature you would expect of an Ironman - standing well over 6-foot - but he also has such a presence, beaming with happy vibes, you can only conclude this man has unlocked the secret to life.

Don't worry, Trevor isn't the head of a new cult and he certainly isn't pushing his beliefs onto people. After a long (still continuing) journey of self-discovery, Trevor now works in the field of Personal Truth and Wellness. He is a holistic personal trainer, life coach, mentor, author and speaker, a dedicated family man and keen surfer.

He describes his profession as a “facilitator”, helping people, when they are ready, to find “contentment” or “peace” in a world full of messages pushing us to 'buy this', 'wear this' or 'do this' in order to find happiness.

“Society tells us that if we win, that's all that matters,” says Trevor. “If you look good, get a good guy or a good girl, have more money in the bank - as long as you tick all the boxes you'll be happy.”

“I often call (my job) a life coach or holistic mentor. Whatever it may be, it is really helping people clear that junky mind that says, 'Only until I have done this can I be happy'.”

Trevor works with people to find the motivating emotional desires behind the material desires. He asks his clients why they want the house or the car, and often finds the real desires are security for their family or fulfilment in their life.

“I work on helping people get the feeling first,” he says. “Then the house will come, the car will come, the healthier, leaner body will come.”

It was 18 years ago when Trevor realised his need for winning was negatively impacting his life.

“I wanted a good relationship, plenty of money, plenty of security, I wanted to feel like a winner and I found a goal, which was Ironman racing, that took me closer to that,” he says. “So the money was coming, the relationship was coming - I felt like a winner. But then the relationship was struggling, and the money would come in but it would all go out again, and I wasn't feeling so much like a winner. Next minute my body started collapsing.”

“It was literally a visit to the chiropractor who told me, 'If you keep this up, you won't win another world title.' I went back to prove I was bullet proof, but I didn't prove that at all. What I proved was he was right, and I was so glad I was wrong.”

“I think that was my first real truth. It was my first realisation and it just opened everything up. My desire to win helped me discover that unless I'm winning I'm not present with people. I started to see the control element, the selfish element and the alter ego. My own winning had turned into this little monster.”

Trevor knew he wanted to help others make the same positive change. Although he never did any marketing or advertising, he's developed a business based around doing just that - through personal appointments, seminars, and most recently the online Bootcamp for the Soul; a virtual life coach that helps people “make the move from the head to the heart” to begin living “their best life”.

“It becomes fun once you realise a few key things. It is all pretty simple really. Those key things are the reason I put together the 12-week transformation because I wanted to make sure others could access them.”

“There's something really beautiful and amazing inside all of us but it gets overlooked because we're so addicted to the details.”

“(The Bootcamp) is for anyone who may have already started a journey but is having challenges integrating it into their everyday lives. It's all about 'waking up' and 'staying awake'.”


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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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