Be Travel 'Appy'

Be Travel 'Appy'

Make the most of your summer getaway with these handy travel apps.

By Guest Styler | 30th October 2014

By Claudia Jambor

The multitude of travel apps available on the market is making travel easier than ever…and is fast making the guide book a thing of the past. Here’s our pick of the coolest free travel apps to help you holiday with ease.

Discover Nature

From the vast Sahara Dessert to California’s Yellowstone National Park, Mother Nature’s playground never fails to impress. Discover Nature is decked out with plenty of fantastic features to make the most of your outdoor adventures with real-time weather conditions, information pages as well as directories of nearby accommodation and restaurants and an alert system allowing land managers to inform explorers of unique sightings.  Their GPS-guided game is a fun twist to discover and learn about a national park’s habitat and flora fauna.

Available on iPhone and Android devices | More Info


No this isn’t a new version of Heytell, Hellotel is a unique new meet-up app for travellers. It works by turning any hotel check-in into a social media network, allowing you to browse through custom feed photos, statuses and reviews from travellers staying at the same hotel. Complete with a private message function, Hellotel serves as a great way for travellers to forge new friendships …or enjoy a bit of holiday romance.

Available on iPhone and coming soon to Android devices | More Info


Do you find yourself packing for your trip at the last minute, frantically throwing everything and anything in your suitcase? PackPoint is the last minute packer’s new best friend, taking away the mystery of what to pack for your getaway. Just tell it where and when you’ll be travelling and the activities you have planned and walah! Packpoint prepares a list all of your travel essentials …unfortunately it can’t pack your bag for you!

Available on iPhone and Android devices | More Info


Getting tongue-tied when attempting to converse in foreign languages is embarrassing for all involved. Newcomer in language apps, Triplingo provides a voice translator in over 13 languages to instantly decrypt what that local is rambling to you about. With an interactive phrase book, quizzes, audio lessons and access to a live translator, you’ll be breaking the language barrier all over the globe in no time.

Available on iPhone and Android devices | More Info


Getting there is half the fun right? For most of us, being cramped on a plane for hours and hours isn’t exactly fun.  Whether you prefer the window seat or the aisle seat for easy bathroom access, Seatguru will ensure you pick the most comfortable seat with over 700 seat maps from 100 airlines. The app also includes customer reviews and photos about particular seats and airline interior, a handy resource to scope out a new airline to travel with.  You’ll be smiling with satisfaction when the airhostess says, ‘we hope you enjoy the flight’.

Available on iPhone and Android devices | More Info


A similar concept to Hootsuite, Pixable manages your social media platforms to keep you updated with friends and family back home without all those annoying ads. Displayed in a clear, digestible format, this savvy app auto-groups your friends photos, videos and status updates in different categories including most recent and most popular for the day, week and month. It’s also a good way for you to share in the fun and excitement of a friend’s travels… or it could just make you incredibly jealous!

Available on iPhone and Android devices | More Info

Google Goggles

Google has taken the phase ‘Google it’ to a whole new level with this app.  Simply take a picture of that landmark, building or interesting artwork you have stumbled upon during your explorations and Google will tell you all about it. Lost in the city and can’t read the street signs? Google Goggles has you covered here too, translating images of foreign text in various languages. Enhancing your travel experience further, the app provides product information by scanning barcodes and QR codes … and it can even solve those frustrating Sudoku puzzles on long journeys!

Available on iPhone and Android devices | More Info

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder will save you from paying squillions in data roaming costs. With a database of over 550,000 Wi-Fi locations in over 144 countries, Wi-Fi Finder is the best app to get connected wherever you are in the world. The best part? It works both online and offine and is available for both phone and tablets, making it perfect for Skyping on the go.

Available on iphone and Android devices | More Info


Tripit is a must have for business travellers constantly jet setting across the globe. From flight details, rental car confirmation numbers to hotel reservations, Tripit organises all of your important travel arrangements in one itinerary in one place. Working with over 250 travel agencies and travel sites, Tripit gives you a heads up on the weather conditions at your destination and maps out important places noted in your itinerary in proximity to your location.

Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows | More Info


bSafe provides a variety of features to give you and your loved ones piece of mind when embarking on your adventures. Say you’re flying to meet up with a friend in another country, the ‘Follow me with timer’ function allows you to set the time of your expected arrival to let your loved ones know you got there in one piece. In the event of an emergency, the SOS button triggers bSafe to broadcast your location to your contacts as well as records video and voice. This information including time stamps is secured on their servers allowing you to share this data with the police if needed.

Available on iPhone and Android devices | More Info



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