What Happens When Tinder Actually Works

What Happens When Tinder Actually Works

Too controversial to talk about, but too irresistible not to try. Here are seven top Tinder tips for the unsuspecting swiper.

By Kelly Forbes | 16th November 2016

Tinder is Gen Y’s ultimate dirty little secret. Too controversial to talk about, but too irresistible not to try. We’ve all had our fair share of right swipes.

But what happens when Tinder ACTUALLY WORKS? Successful Tinder-born relationships are becoming less of a rarity as more and more couples openly admit to how they met.

To celebrate the 9 million plus daily users on Tinder and the endless possibilities that follow suit, here are my top Tinder tips for the unsuspecting swiper.


Let down your guard

You can’t judge your matches for being sleazy, because you just swiped right too! You’d most likely be approached in a bar on the premise of looks alone, so why is this any different?

Don't take it so seriously

Whether you're after a snuggle buddy or 'the one', if you take Tinder too seriously it won't work. Embrace it as an opportunity to learn about all kinds of people and the way they live life. It'll keep you open-minded!

Be honest about your intentions

Clickbait doesn't work on Tinder because eventually, you have to meet them. Whether you're after a hook up, a companion or a date for a wedding in a week’s time, be sure to let them know at the start.

Give it time to develop

Let the conversation flow. Once the Q&A game is over, you'll soon find out if you have potential as a pair.

Stand out from the rest

Try something different and resist the usual 3-day stand-off. Why not lure your matches in by ONLY using emoticons to make conversation? You'll be surprised how far you get with only the 'rose' and 'blushing smile' Emoji.

Normal dating rules apply

Don't discount a date just because it came from Tinder. Dress nicely, turn up early and get excited! You just never know how things will pan out on the World Wide Web!

Most importantly, be safe kids! And boys, no more fishing trip pictures, please!


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Article by Kelly Forbes

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