Tips for styling your balcony with Charlie Albone and Juliet Love

Tips for styling your balcony with Charlie Albone and Juliet Love

Landscape designer, Charlie Albone, and his stylist wife, Juliet Love, have teamed up with developer Mirvac to help Queenslanders style their outdoor spaces this autumn.

By Guest Styler | 26th February 2015

In town to help leading developer Mirvac showcase their new outdoor living space at the premiere Unison Waterfront sales suite, Selling Houses Australia’s Charlie Albone has teamed up with his celebrity stylist wife, Juliet, to give Queenslanders some hot tips to help them create their ultimate outdoor space this autumn.

“With your beautiful climate,” Juliet said, “it’s lovely to be able to use nature and the environment as inspiration. You have such gorgeous weather and a lot of gorgeous beach locations, it’s nice to be able to bring that inside”.

For Charlie, it’s all about maximising your space.

“A lot of people have a lot of ideas and they try and fit them all into a small space, but really that clutters it up and makes it sort of look uninviting," he says.

To help you create your ultimate outdoor setting this autumn, here are some of Charlie and Juliet’s top styling tips!


Queensland can be windy, hot and dry, and it’s important to choose a plant palette that can weather the harsh conditions.

“You need to pick the right plants for the location, so you need to have a plant palette which is made up of hardy plants,” Charlie says.

"Queensland a lot of people instantly think of tropical plants, and if that’s the way you want to go, things like cardboard palms are really hardy and they’ll do well. There are plants like Indian Hawthorn, which they can have a very modern look to them, sort of rounded shrub-shape, and they’re really hardy as well. Herbs are also great to have on a balcony, as they love the sun - just watch out for possums!"


Whether you have a backyard or a balcony, it’s essential that you know how to maximise your space. For balconies, Charlie recommends thinking smart about your limited space and utilising vertical gardens to get around the issue of having no soil. “Things like greenwalls and slim-line planters and built-in furniture is all fantastic because it makes the most of the space”.


For Charlie, it’s also important that to maximise your space you stick to a very important theme, as clutter can make a space look uninviting.“If you're trying to creating a nice outdoor dining space and you've got a theme, choose just one piece of feature furniture - say a table and chairs. Don’t try and put in a lounge-style setting as well. Just do that one setting really well”.


When styling a home, Juliet describes her own signature look as classic with a touch of glamour.“I generally tend to go for a more classic look, because I think it’s more timeless and won’t date as quickly”.

She says that keeping your larger furniture in the one style lets you play around with smaller, trend-driven decorative items.

"I generally think starting with the classics is best. Then you can add in some other fun elements that you can change. Decorative accessories are great - you can play around with lamps and rugs and cushions, mixing it up as the seasons or your tastes change, without having to start from scratch and forking out for big ticket items each time."


Juliet says that it's important to surround yourself with things you love and that have meaning to you.

“It can have such a huge impact on you when you walk into your home if you have a home that you find beautiful," Juliet says.

"I think that’s probably the most important thing to get across when you’re designing and space, and really get the most out of it for your client. You need to  find out how they're going to use the space and what they love, and surround them with the things that the love and create a space that’s going to inspire them, and make them happy."

Charlie Albone is in Brisbane Saturday 28 February to help Mirvac showcase their new outdoor living spaces at the premiere Unison Waterfront sales suite at Newstead. Find out more here.


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