Tips For Building a Bulletproof Self-Esteem

Tips For Building a Bulletproof Self-Esteem

Jost Sauer shares how he went from rock bottom to high on life with a holistic approach to health and wellness.

By Lucy Stephens | 16th April 2014

Jost Sauer has a contagious zest for life. But it wasn’t always that way.

Troubled, addicted to drugs and alcohol and with a battered self-esteem in his late 20s, Jost was at rock bottom. Death filled his thoughts and he wondered each morning if that would be the day he would end it all.

He started seeing a woman who was into her fitness, and encouraged him to go for a swim at the local pool. When he got out, he was amazed at the way he felt, having forgotten what it was like to feel good without the help of drugs. After then stumbling across Tai Chi, Jost discovered the elation he was experiencing was more than drugs ever delivered, and he decided to start chasing more attainable highs.

That was 25 years ago. Now, Jost is a changed man. And it’s a transformation he says is all due to Eastern practices.

He went back to university, gaining a bachelor in Health Science and a Diploma in Oriental Massage, Certificates in Structural Balancing and Sports Injury Management, publishing three books along the way, and to this day continues to study Chinese Medicine.

The German born, Brisbane-based health and lifestyle expert now uses his experiences to assist others in doing the same through therapy, lectures and workshops.

According to Jost, most people who people suffer low confidence or self-esteem turn to drug or alcohol abuse in order to feel confident. He says that while often overlooked, the best way to build your confidence is to focus on a number of key things.

“Eat a proper diet. If the body is nutritionally deprived, confidence is always undermined,” he says.

The word ‘diet’ is a turn-off for a lot of people however it is simpler than you may think.

“Cooked foods like cooked porridge and then cooked lunches like rice, vegies and meat and the same for dinner actually provide a strong substance and foundation for the body.”

Once a proper diet has been achieved, exercise is the 2nd step towards ensuring strong sense of self worth.

“Strong body, strong mind, strong confidence – it’s how it is,” Jost says. “Weight training in particular is a potent confidence builder. Iff done three times a week on top of three cooked meals a day, you increase your confidence by 50 percent.”

“I’ve worked with probably close to 100,000 people in my time and the power of correct diet in conjunction with proper exercise is mind-boggling,” Jost says.  “And sadly, it’s often overlooked.”

Thirdly, Jost says the time of day that you exercise can also have a significant impact.

“If you have the time to do the exercise in the morning then have a substantial breakfast, your confidence is ahead by many times again,” he says.

Fourthly, he says is removing yourself from your desk at lunch time.

“We should make the effort to eat our lunch away from our desks in order to switch into relaxation mode. Being able to switch in and out of relaxation makes it easier to sleep at night and will help to put a stop to insomnia.”

Despite the fact so many of us like to burn the candle at both ends, Jost says that many of us are working hard but not effectively. The idea is to focus on the basics.

“The Western world is suffering from information overload syndrome. There is far too much information about things that aren’t really relevant, and the simple things are completely ignored and forgotten – and these are in fact, the most important.”

“The Western world has achieved so much in terms of free market enterprise, free speech and democracy – we can say what we think. But, the East have got it right in terms of the Art of Living.

“Once you live correctly, you control everything.”

Jost has multiple publications dedicated to assisting others in transforming their lives through the same holistic approaches that he lives by himself. Self-confidence and high self esteem are attainable for anyone who puts his methods into practice.


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Article by Lucy Stephens

Lucy Stephens is a Senior Digital Journalist and Content Strategist at Style Magazines. She's a travel addict, considers gelato an appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (salted caramel, preferably), and suffers from a moderate to severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out).


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