Throw out your sandwich, we’re having trivia for lunch!

Throw out your sandwich, we’re having trivia for lunch!

Would you like knowledge with that?

By Eveline Fielding | 16th December 2015

Ever wished your work emails contained more interesting things than meeting details, financial matters or weird messages from Glenn in HR?
Ever wished you and your co-workers (except Glenn) would debate Celine Dion lyrics and NBA relationship dramas instead of sticking to safe small talk and minor work matters? Or have you ever just been sitting at your desk on your lunch break, avoiding work and thinking, “I wonder who is taller: Matthew Perry or Luke Perry?”

Well, wish and wonder no more, for The Lunch Quiz is the answer to all of your odd and unique problems!

Coming to your inbox from the brains of multimedia trivia kings Quiz Meisters, The Lunch Quiz is comprised of 10 short single-answer questions emailed at no cost to you every day at 12 noon EST, just in time for lunch!

Ranging in topics and difficulty, The Lunch Quiz could ask you anything from “Which part of the human body is most likely to develop stones made of hardened bile?” to your aforementioned query (what a coincidence!), “Is Matthew Perry taller than Luke Perry?”
Answers: the gall bladder and Matthew Perry. Finally, a victory for Chandler.

Every quiz ends with an Actor Match, where you work out which actor has appeared in the following films, e.g. Fantastic Four, The Love Guru, Sin City, Into the Blue and Honey.

Iiiiiit’s Jessica Alba! Learning is fun!

Just like the Sunday paper or beer bottle caps (only way more convenient and tech-friendly) The Lunch Quiz is a fantastic social activity to get you and your co-workers out of the workplace tedium with a bit of healthy competition and trivia-based debate. No team registration, money, answer sheets, scoring or prizes necessary.

Except, of course, for the inherent glory that comes with knowing more about celebrities, history or gall bladders than your co-workers.
The questions themselves are drawn from the Quiz Meisters’ rich database of more than 12 years’ worth of weekly pub quizzes safely stored in the Cloud, as well as questions written and curated by Melbourne comedian and Quiz Meister host Dave Warnecke.

Officially launching this week, The Lunch Quiz is totally free and available to all by subscribing at

Q: What’s our new favourite tool to learn new facts, have healthy banter with our co-workers and procrastinate like a fiend?
A: The Lunch Quiz!


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Article by Eveline Fielding

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