Thoughts We All Had During Lockdown

Thoughts We All Had During Lockdown

Mask on, f*ck it mask on

By Tai Johnston | 12th January 2021

Following the long weekend lockdown in Brisbane, there were plenty of thoughts getting thrown around by the public. Whether you were at home binging your fave Netflix or Stan series or hitting the deserted streets donning a mandated mask, we’re sure you were saying some of these thoughts to yourself, too.

  1. “This face mask is fogging up my glasses!”
  2. “Do we really need to wear this mask in the car?!”
  3. “Oh it's 6pm I can go outside.” *doesn't go outside*
  4. “Wait, why do 12-year old’s and younger not have to wear a mask?”
  5. “This face mask is limiting my view when I try and look down. Who knew?!”
  6. Wears a mask once. *Buys a giant pack of mints*
  7. “You know grocery stores are open all weekend right?”
  8. “Test Cricket on all weekend? This is me set.”
  9. “I’ll spend this lockdown weekend to upskill and be productive at home!”
  10. “I’ve literally done nothing all weekend.”
  11. “I really shouldn't watch another ep of Bridgerton, I should space it out...”
  12. Seeing someone with their face mask under their nose… *eyerolls*
  13. “First day of lockdown and the diet is immediately over.”
  14. "Do I need to ration my toilet paper?”
  15. “Has my makeup sweated off half my face?”
  16. *Brushes teeth every 30 mins*
  17. *Smiles at everyone walking past* (Wonders if anyone is smiling back).
  18. “Am I supposed to sneak this smashed avo under my mask or what?”
  19. “Everyone’s a bit dramatic about these masks”
  20. “I’m suffocating, I can’t breathe with this sh*t on!!!!”
  21. “I actually need toilet paper but I feel guilty!”
  22. *on a run* Can I not breathe because of my face mask or am I just really unfit?
  23. Butterbings in lockdown don’t count
  24. "Just how often do I need to wash my mask... because so far the number is zero"
  25. "1am binging The Boys… What the actual fk is this show"


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Article by Tai Johnston

Tai is the mastermind behind Style’s digital content. His favourite things in life are sports, music and hanging out with friends and fam. On weekends he's either out exploring the Queensland coastline for some surfing, or he’s hitting up the Brisbane nightlife, followed by feeling sorry for himself Sunday morning.


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