Thermage. The new Botox.

Thermage. The new Botox.

Alice Harwood of Australian Skin Clinics talks Style through the ins and outs of the revolutionary, age defying skin treatment, Thermage.

By Jane Schon | 2nd May 2014

As we get older our skin begins to feel the brunt of the aging process. But what if you had an option to stop the clock without going under the knife? We know what you’re thinking – sign me up!

Alice Harwood, at Australian Skin Clinics is one of only two laser technicians within the brand to be trained in the revolutionary non-surgical treatment, Thermage. With many celebrities singing its praise, from Kim Kardashian to Michelle Obama, it’s obvious why Alice is in high-demand.

Alice says Thermage is a “natural, no anaesthetics, no chemicals and no downtime treatment, so you can go straight back to your normal activities.”

A woman's stomach before and after a Thermage Treatment

“The unique radio frequency travels past the epidermis into the dermal layer and down to the subcutaneous layer,” she says. “It then creates a trauma within the skin that helps activate your cells to wake up, produce more collagen and strengthen the bands within the skin.

Alice says as your body produces more collagen your skin starts to regain the elasticity of your youth, without needing to resort to more drastic measures.

She says it takes approximately two to six months to see results, with collagen production reportedly lasting up to three years.

Apart from reducing the visibility of fine lines and ‘turkey necks’, the treatment is effective at tightening loose and stretched skin post-pregnancy. “It won’t negatively affect future pregnancy either,” explains Alice. “And you will keep the results even after having more children, as you’ll still be producing collagen.”

“While it’s not completely pain free, it’s bearable,” says Alice, who has an excellent technique when it comes to supporting clients through the one-hour procedure. She says the results speak for themselves, “We get so many clients contacting us straight after saying, ‘that treatment changed my life, my skin feels much tighter already’”.

Most of the Australian Skin Clinic’s Thermage clients are in their mid to late forties and early fifties. However, as the treatment is preventative, it’s not uncommon for Alice to treat women between pregnancies and other clients in their early twenties and after weight loss.

A woman's eye and eyebrows before and after a Thermage Treatment

“Even in your late twenties you’re aging,” says Alice. “Everyone is losing collagen everyday, and over time you begin to lose a higher amount of collagen. In your thirties you begin to lose fat volumes within the face. Through your forties and fifties there’s more collagen loss than gain. During your sixties you have hardly any production.”

“It comes back to the way people look after themselves when they were younger in terms of staying out of the sun or using appropriate products. Thermage can certainly help enhance the condition of your skin.”

A Thermage full-face treatment costs $2,620, with full body available for $2,935. For optimum results, Alice recommends pairing the Thermage with other enhancing options at the clinic depending on your needs, such as fillers to improve loss of volume.

Australian Skin Clinics
Brisbane Myer Centre, Queen St, City
P 3193 1000


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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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