The Ultimate Wedding Trends for 2016

The Ultimate Wedding Trends for 2016

Walk down the aisle with the latest bridal trends.

By Elizabeth Best | 4th February 2016

Mark it in your diaries, folks: 2016 is going to be an amazing year for weddings. We spoke to the experts, including bridal designer extraordinaire Jack Sullivan, to uncover the trends everyone will be talking about this year.

1. It’s all about the lighting

wedding trends 2016 pendant lighting bare bulbs fairy lights

Add a fairytale sparkle to your big day. Images: Pinterest

They don’t call it mood lighting for nothing – lighting is the key to any romantic event! Event designers are going for visible, naked lighting such as pendant lights and bare Edison bulbs. Candles are also très chic this year.

2. It's all about that lace

Wedding trends 2016 bridal dress gown jack sullivan designs pinterest

Images: Pinterest, Jack Sullivan Bridal

Jack Sullivan of Jack Sullivan Bridal predicts it’s gonna be all about the lace this year, but not the stuff your nana is fond of. Think bold geometric patterns interspersed with floral adorning the delicate fabric.

3. Big skirts are back in

A full-skirt bridal design by Jack Sullivan | 2016 Wedding trends

Jack Sullivan knows it's all about big skirts! Image: Jack Sullivan Bridal

All hail the mighty princess dress! Forget a shapely silhouette: it’s all about a full skirt this season. Again, this is a wedding trend with a twist, as Jack says skirts will be featuring lace cutouts and dimensional lace highlights.

4. Professional photos will be taken BEFORE the wedding

The tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding is set to go out the window, with couples opting to take happy snaps pre-ceremony. “This makes the event run so much more smoothly and doesn't keep guests waiting,” says Jack. Hmm, not sure we’re convinced on this one!

5. Forget the DJ – live bands are in

Wedding trends live music big band 2016

Ditch the DJ and go old-school. Image: Pinterest

“There’s something about live music that makes everyone happy,” Jack says. Frankly, we’re inclined to agree. And don’t fret about bands drowning out your guests’ chatter; they’re pros and they know how to play soft enough to create a mood. Then when it’s dancing time, BAM, they break out their greatest hits. Just TRY not to boogie to a live version of pretty much any Jackson Five song.

6. Ditch champagne-coloured dresses and opt for ivory

It’s official, champagne is OUT and ivory is in as far as wedding finery is concerned. It’s less stark than white (and let’s face it, you’ve probably, ahem, outgrown the traditional reasons for wearing white anyway) while still feeling ultra bridal and decadent.

7. It’s all about naked cakes

Wedding trends 2016 food cakes rustic

Naked cakes are the new white marzipan. Image: Pinterest

No, we’re not talking a cake with a nudie picture; we’re talking about a rustic cake look. Naked cakes are either un-iced or only partially iced and adorned with flowers or fresh berries. And they look ADORABLE, with none of the horrible thick marzipan it takes to beat most cake designs into submission.

8. Go wild with flowers

As businesses such as Brisbane’s Poco Posy have shown, arrangements celebrating whatever bloom is in season are storming the marketplace. Weddings this year are all about the “wild flower” look. Embrace a look that’s freshly picked and less structured than traditional wedding bouquets and centrepieces.

9. Get a fondness for fonts

Invites with creative typography | 2016 wedding trends

Tell them with typography. Image: Pinterest

When it comes to the invites, this year sees good old-fashioned typography thrust to the fore. Interesting font choices rather than paper stock and bejewelled additions are what will make the wedding invites of 2016 really pop.

10. Ditch the traditional seating plan

Think weddings need to be all round tables of ten, with one long table for the bridal party? Wrong! Get ready for mismatched tables of varying sizes and shapes. And the bridal party table no longer has to be a straight line with the bride and groom holding court. Couples in 2016 are moving towards seating themselves in the centre of the room, surrounded by family and friends.


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Article by Elizabeth Best

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