Throwing a celeb-inspired bash is more than just providing drinks and hoping everyone has a good time. Whether it’s a birthday party, a Christmas soiree, an engagement, or simply just for fun, you want your event to be something people remember, filled with chilled champagne, gourmet canapés, quirky photobooth setups, and incredible entertainment. If you’ve seen celebrity parties gracing the pages of magazines and wanted to throw one equally glamorous and seamless, here are our tips on throwing the ultimate celeb-inspired party, just like Chrissy Teigen.

Create An Element Of Surprise

When you’re planning a bash, your guests want to be taken on a thrilling journey of unexpected elements and exciting surprises. Whether it’s a mariachi band or an entire pop-up bar in the garden, it’s important to break away from tradition for the one night and to do something that will excite your guests. A talented event planner & stylist can help you determine the perfect wow-factor that will delight and excite your guests.

Add A Personal Touch

Having the foresight to add a personal, signature touch to your party is a thoughtful way to show your guests you have paid attention to every single detail. Whether it’s personalised menus or hand lettered invitations, bespoke neon signs or signature cocktails upon arrival, these are the little details that your guests will remember when they are relaying the event to their friends later. Where possible, go above and beyond for your guests. Provide alternative options (that are equally delicious) for your friends who don’t drink, ensure there are snacks for the last men standing at 3am, and never skimp on the décor.

Pay Attention To Detail

Adding little pockets of interests to the event allow your guests to momentarily withdraw from the hustle and excitement to recuperate their energy. Creating a special space for guests to mingle with others and meet new people will let your guests feel apart of the party even if they want a moment of quiet. This attention to detail can also be applied to creating ample comfortable seating for your guests, who may want to sit down at times regardless of whether or not you are hosting a sit-down dinner. It is also a good idea to make sure that there is plenty of good lighting in areas that require it such as near food or if you have a photobooth! Paying special attention to the smaller details ensures your event runs smoothly and makes your guests feel valued. If, like myself, you’re not that good with the planning side of things, having a professional take the reins can help you save time and stress less.


While you might want to party like a celebrity, it’s probable that you don’t have the same budget, which is why you need to work out how you will prioritise the things that matter most. If your budget is limited, invest in what you love most, whatever it is. If you’re a music fiend, invest in an awesome DJ and opt for less-than amazing wine. Alternatively, if it’s champagne that you love, invest in the very best bubbly! Working around a budget can be difficult if you’re not sure where to be investing your money – this is where it can help to speak with the professionals.

Go Offline

It might sound radical, but hosting offline events is in vogue right now. While it’s been a trend at weddings for a while now, people are now also encouraging guests at their birthdays, corporate functions, and parties to go offline for a unique experience. If it’s a birthday or wedding where you still want photos, hire a photographer to take flattering photos of your guests so that they don’t feel the need to document the party themselves. The best kind of party is one where the guests are interacting with each other, not their screen.

Mingle & Socialise

When you’re hosting a party, the easiest thing you can go to make it a success is to mingle and socialise. If you’re scared of initiating a conversation, just remember that it is tough for anyone, but if you take the initiative and strike up first contact others will be grateful that they didn’t have to! Try and have a few introductory questions in mind (“What do you do for work?” is good, but be prepared with a follow-up question) to help conversation flow. While it’s important to have something interesting to say, it is also just as important to be a respectful listener. Say hello, be a great listener, ask questions: this is how you’ll make sure your party is a success!

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