Life after The O.C.

Life after The O.C.

As we welcome one former O.C. character back to our screens this week, we decided to check in on the cast… where are they now?

By Candice Jackson | 8th October 2014

The O.C. images (credit: Fanpop)

Yes, it really has been more than 10 years since preppy tough guy Luke Ward voiced the famed line, “Welcome to the O.C., bitch!” on the beaches of Newport. Feel old yet?

As you may have noticed, Ryan Atwood (actor Benjamin McKenzie) is making a return to our television screens this week as part of Channel 9’s Gotham… minus the bad boy ‘tude and muscle tanks.

As we prepare to see McKenzie on our screens once more we decided to reminisce on the characters who brought us the witty banter, Harbour School gossip, fist fights and the insight into the high life of The O.C.’s cotillion balls, charity events and infinity pools.

McKenzie features in the upcoming TV series Gotham, a crime show based upon the early days of Gotham City, introducing the Gotham City police force, Bruce Wayne and the numerous Batman villains, including Catwoman, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Harvey Dent, Joker and Riddler, to name a few.

Check out the trailer here:

So as we welcome McKenzie back to our screens this Sunday at 8.30pm, we unearth where our favourite O.C. cast members have been for the past seven years!

RYAN ATWOOD (Benjamin McKenzie)

Actor Benjamin McKenzie in The O.C ( left) and Gotham (right). Images: Showbiz Geek (left) and Schmoe Ville  (right).

Actor Benjamin McKenzie in The O.C ( left) and Gotham (right). Images: Showbiz Geek (left) and Schmoe Ville (right).

This chino bad boy has since turned a 180 in his acting roles, playing an L.A cop in the TV series Southland and now the leading role in Gotham as Commissioner Gordon.

MARISSA COOPER (Mischa Barton)

So we may have some bitter feelings towards Coop (or at least I do) for quitting the show and practically running the series into the ground (too harsh?). It’s rumoured she left the show for higher hopes as an A-list movie star… when in actuality her ‘it girl’ status of the '00s didn’t get her that far in the Biz. Since leaving The O.C. set at the end of season three limp and cold in Ryan’s muscly arms, she has been in numerous films, all of which average a 5 star rating or less on IMDB. Her personal life has also been rumoured to be suffering, as she was arrested for a DUI in 2007, a psychotic break in 2009 and now whispers that she is currently in major financial debt. She is currently cast in 14 films set for release dates in the next two years… so let’s keep our fingers crossed for Coop’s screen revival.

SETH COHEN (Adam Brody)

When we were all meant to fall for bad boy Ryan… Seth stole the limelight with his geeky charms and witty banter. Adam Brody’s character played the adorable, ironic t-shirt wearing, skateboarding, comic obsessed Seth Cohen who not only won our hearts, but that of Orange County’s Summer Roberts. Since the show has ended Brody has appeared in feature films, such as Jennifer’s Body, Scream 4, In The land of Women and The Oranges. In more exciting news though, earlier this year Brody got married to Gossip Girl’s It Girl Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) – joining two iconic TV stars into one dynamic couple! In a trailer released this month for the movie Life Partners we see the newlywed stars on screen together with witty bickering galore!

SUMMER ROBERTS (Rachel Bilson)

Princess Sparkles, rage black outs and sarcastic one-liners… how could we not fall in love with Summer! The wealthy Newport character was supposedly only meant to have a short lived supporting character, but due to her chemistry on screen with Seth was made a regular – Phew! After The O.C. finale she had a few quite years, but has since been in a few movies, including New York, I Love You and Waiting For Forever. But her big return to the screen was in 2011 with her lead role in Hart of Dixie, where she plays a small town Doctor in the town of Bluebell, Alabama.

Remember these guys?
Their appearances may have been short lived on the set, but they’ve made some waves on the media scene since!

So we may only remember actress Willa Holland playing mini Coop later in the series, but the original Kaitlin Cooper (Shailene Woodley) that was obsessed with her alopecia pony China has become the star of major blockbusters, The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, The Descendants and The Spectacular Now.

Playing the lesbian love interest of Marissa Cooper in season two, Alex (played by Olivia Wilde) has appeared in numerous films and even had a significant role in the TV series HOUSE M.D.

In season one Ryan worked at the Crab Shack with Donnie (actor Paul Wesley) who pulled a gun on Luke at a Newport party. The now Vampire Diaries star (Stefan) has become one of the many future vampires to have appeared on the O.C., with Twilight stars Jackson Rathbone (Justin in season three), Nikki Reed (Sadie in season three) and Cam Gigandet (Volchock in season three and four) also having minor appearances on the popular show.

Pretty Little Liars stars, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Janel Parish also made brief appearances in The O.C. in season three, while the now New Girl Schmidt (actor Max Greenfield) played young Sandy Cohen in a flashback episode in season four.

Has this sparked a nostalgia for the O.C.? Maybe it’s time to dust off the DVD box sets and have a rerun of those favourite eps… California here we come!


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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