New York City: the home of Broadway, the Yankees, and now, a dog museum. ‘New York’s Museum of the Dog’ is the dog museum opening this Feb, and we can’t get on a plane quick enough!

Last year, Germany opened a museum dedicated solely to dachshunds. This year, NYC has decided to showcase all types of hounds in their brand-new museum set to open its doors in February. Run by the American Kennel Club, the main filler of the museum will be pooch-predominant artwork. You’ll also be able to find statues of dogs, tributes to movie-star puppers, and touchscreen exhibits that match your face to the breed that best suits you (as well as telling you everything you need to know about every type of pup!).

If you’d prefer to see a four-legged friend in the flesh, the museum will host ‘guest dog of the week’ sessions where visitors can meet a local pup while learning about all the varieties of pooches in this wonderful, dog-filled world.

If you’re heading to New York this year, the Museum of Dog will be open by Feb 8th!

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