Secret Facebook Messenger Games You Could Be Playing Right Now

Secret Facebook Messenger Games You Could Be Playing Right Now

Use these secret codes to get out of a boring conversation or make it more interesting!

By Candice Jackson | 22nd March 2016

Next time you’re in need of an icebreaker, a time waster or a boredom buster, Facebook’s chat app has you covered with these two games… if you know how to unlock them, that is.

The secret games can be accessed by punching in specific commands in the middle of your conversation – and don’t worry, you can continue chatting while playing the games. Trash talk is allowed!

For us, Facebook Messenger is sort of like jumping back in a time machine to ye old MSN Messenger game play, but on mobile!

So how do you play? First, you’ll need to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger on your device. Then follow these steps.


How’s this for a mindful messenger game to defeat mindless chit-chat? To start the game, type “@fbchess play” and a game board will display and prompt player 1 to commence play. Or they can type “@fbchess help” for the rules.

Facebook Messenger Chess, game, play, chat, hidden games, Facebook

Checkmate! A game for the long haul or just a long commute or lounging in bed.

The rules can be quite confusing to start with. Facebook’s advice literally says “use Standard Algebraic Notation…B2xc5 to take on c5 with 2nd rank bishop”. You’ll eventually get the swing of the game, but at first you’ll probably curse the fact that you’re actually made to use algebra, after thinking you would never need it after leaving school.


No, it’s not all NBA Pro Hoops on your iPhone screen. It’s actually more like paper toss, but with a basketball and a moving hoop.

Facebook Messenger Secret Games Basketball

I'm getting schooled by my brother on Facebook basketball. D'oh!

To start the game, you’ll need to send a basketball emoji in your chat to your desired opponent. It won’t start on its own, so you’ll need to tap on the emoji to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

It will then launch the ball toss game, where you’re required to make as many consecutive baskets as you can to garner an impressive high score. From the 10th basket (if you can even get to 10 – it's seriously hard!), the game gets increasingly more difficult, with the backboard moving to challenge you. The high score will stay in the top right hand corner.

While there are only two known hidden games on the app so far, we’re sure that more will pop up very soon. They may not be the most advanced games at the moment, but at least they’re free, don’t require Flash and are relatively easy to play on the go. Now excuse me – I have to try to win back my pride in a game of Messenger basketball with my brother.


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Article by Candice Jackson

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