The Grossest Things You'll Touch Today

The Grossest Things You'll Touch Today


By Emily Halverson | 14th June 2016

We touch a lot of gross things on a daily basis. And no, we’re not just talking about your boyfriend’s scraggly beard you wish he’d shave.

The Grossest Things You'll Touch Today, gross stuff, ew, germs

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Sure, you can TRY to be clean by not eating food off the ground if it’s been there for longer than five seconds but there are a whole lotta germs that you mightn’t even realise you’re touching. Bacteria doesn’t just live in the toilet anymore; it’s hiding in places you probably never even suspected.

Once you read this list, you’re going to wish gloves and a face mask matched that new skirt and chic blouse. (Or that you could roll your way through life in a giant bubble like Bart…)

The Grossest Things You'll Touch Today, gross stuff, ew, germs

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These are just some of the grotty goods you’re gonna get your hands on today:


It’s dirtier than your toilet seat, yet most of us have no problem placing our phones smack-bang against our faces.

Why so dirty? For starters, have you ever washed your phone? Probably not, because soapy water + phone = a sudden need for a lot of rice. And it’s not like any of us can afford to scrap our old dirty ones and buy a new iPhone every second week.

Most of us take our mobiles with us to pretty dirty places (c’mon, we know you’ve used your phone on the toilet at least once!). These germs can make our phones a breeding ground for staph bacteria, so think about that next time you take a call on your mobile.


There’s nothing more relaxing than grabbing your favourite book (or a laptop and Netflix) and treating yourself to a warm, bubbly bath.

But unless you’re cleaning your bathtub weekly, whatever is lingering around your drain is probably going to be worse than whatever you find in your toilet.

Staph infections, pneumonia, septicaemia and urinary tract infections have all been caused by dirty tubs. Just stick to the shower if you don’t have time to give that bad boy a good clean!


Soft drink cans, which many of us happily wrap our lips around every day, can sometimes harbour more germs than your toilet seat! Yep, the lid on that can may be home to E. coli, which indicates the presence of faeces and is a cause of food poisoning. Next time you head out for lunch, make sure you pour your drink in a glass or grab a straw!


When we were children, our mothers made us dust, vacuum and mop in an effort to get the house squeaky clean. But not once did she ever make us wipe down those darn light switches.

These overlooked troublemakers suffer from years of being flipped up and down by thousands of fingers, causing bacteria overload. Avoid being the last one out of the room if you can!


Petrol pumps are one of the WORST homes to bacteria. They get touched every day, by all sorts of people who have done WHO KNOWS WHAT with their hands. You could be even be touching someone else’s faeces (gross!).

But when your fuel light comes on, hitting up the petrol station is unavoidable. I mean, you could wear gloves to touch the pump. Or just carry a really good hand sanitiser.


With more than half a million bacteria per square inch, this is one of the dirtiest places in your house (and without a doubt far dirtier than anything in your bathroom will ever be).

Raw meat, eggs and dairy are all prone to spoiling and causing sickness. And these are just some of the products that grace our kitchen tops. Next time you give the sink a quick wipe, maybe try putting a little more disinfectant and elbow grease into it.


Many jobs have us tapping away at our laptops day after day. But how often do we stop to wash our hands or quickly whip out the Dettol?

Our keyboards are home to some of the same bacteria you’d find on your phone, and similarly suffer the “no cleaning” treatment. Perhaps it’s time for a wipe down?


Most of those germs on your phone, light switch and all over your keyboard came from one spot: human mouths! Our mouths provide a warm, wet environment which is the perfect place for bacteria to reproduce. And with millions of bacteria per square inch, more than 800 different species call it home.

Doesn’t make kissing sound so romantic, huh?

Keep your mouth squeaky clean and your teeth pearly white by brushing at least twice a day! And when your dentist tells you to floss, they mean it!


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Article by Emily Halverson

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