What We Really Thought About Guy Ritchie’s Latest Flick: The Gentlemen

What We Really Thought About Guy Ritchie’s Latest Flick: The Gentlemen

Has Guy done it again?

By John Cooper | 16th January 2020

Guy Ritchie has returned with his latest cockney gangster film, 'The Gentlemen'. Bringing back some of his classic techniques that truly makes his films spectacular, we see a stunning new story. While it's like his other gangster films, it’s told in a whole new light. Some of the globes biggest and best have come together to deliver a refreshing take in the ultimate Richie style.

The plot follows Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), as he works on cashing out his marijuana empire. This then triggers an array of plots, schemes, blackmail and bribery from all those who want a piece of his fortune. Meanwhile, Fletcher (Hugh Grant), a magazine photographer, meets up with Mickey Pearson’s right-hand man Ray, (Charlie Hunnam), with a screenplay and photos to blackmail him with a movie pitch.

With the movie telling the story as Ray’s movie pitch, Ritchie has positioned the production and dramatic scenes to make it more of a cinematic sort of movie. Instead, Ritchie rewinds all the events back to follow the real truth of what happened in reality. It's a unique and stylish way of telling this movie and although at times the pacing can feel a bit messy, it’s perfectly combined to seem so simple.

As well as the impressive line-up of actors, The Gentlemen also has a stellar soundtrack with its thrilling suspenseful theming, enhancing the gritty tone of the film. Making it a nice touch, the movie may leave you feeling nostalgic for some of Ritchie's previous movies. Yet, the dapper suits and classic chase scenes pack a punch for a big finale.

With its spectacular cast and hilarious cockney slang used throughout the movie, Guy Ritchie has truly come back with this gritty, intelligent and entertaining movie that brings his distinct and signature style of storytelling all into the modern age world.

Four out of 5 stars from us!


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Article by John Cooper

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