The Best/Worst Viral Memes of 2015

The Best/Worst Viral Memes of 2015

From #TheDress to Katy Perry's Left Shark, we’ve got the best weird, wonderful and worst memes of 2015 right here.

By Sarah Taviani | 5th January 2016

We’re probably all guilty of getting caught up in a few of 2015’s internet sensations (#TheDress, anyone?) but hey, we all make mistakes. So let’s look back on the year’s viral memes with fondness and hope that they leave no permanent scars. Literally.

Ultimate Selfies

People have DIED to get the “ultimate selfie”. Which basically means the most ridiculous position you can possibly find, including HANGING FROM A CRANE and possibly being eaten by a camel. Selfie responsibly, people.

Image: PinterestHow about a camel selfie? Image: Pinterest

Cats vs cucumbers

When cats get scared, they suddenly become parkour fiends/possessed by the antichrist. So the ordinary (?) act of putting a cucumber down behind an unsuspecting cat and watching it freak out is suddenly 1000 times funnier. I may have tried this unsuccessfully with multiple cats and determined that the cats in this video are mega-wusses.

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

Every year we need some kind of viral dance move to make our lives complete. How would we continue to evolve as a society if not for Anaconda, Gangnam Style and the Macarena? This meme is relatively harmless, unless you count the fact that it will get stuck in your head on a loop forever.


They’ve been popular since Despicable Me but now with their own movie and a range of merchandise that could possibly rival Pokémon, be prepared for more shrieks of “KING BOB” and “BANANA”. Yes, even from full-grown adults. No one is immune to the brainwashing power of these overall-wearing mobile TicTacs.

Activewear, activewear

This Skit Box video had us all laughing and loving the fact that wearing your ACTIVEWEAR, ACTIVEWEAR to do completely inactive things is a social pandemic. After watching this video, it’s impossible not to whisper “Activewear, activwear” whenever you put on your activewear, activewear.


In late February 2015, the internet was plunged into civil war as everyone debated whether this dress was white and gold or blue and black. Science (and promotional images from the company) seemed to prove that it was blue and black but some people are still sore over this point.

pinterest_thedress... And it starts again. Image: Pinterest

Kylie Jenner lips

Not satisfied with the possibilities of Photoshop or cosmetic surgery, y’all had to go and shove bottles on your faces to try and plump up your lips. No one died this time but rest assured that bruised faces are not the most horrified images to come of this meme. Two words: exploding glass.

Katy Perry's Left Shark

OK, so Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance is terrifying. Are the anthropomorphic beach balls sad or ready to murder someone? We may never know. But one thing is clear: Left Shark is the best dancer of anyone on the stage and it will not stop being funny. If you think both sharks are doing fine, take a look at around 1.22 on the video and watch it all fall to pieces.

Find the panda

Find The PandaGoddamn it people, this wasn't hard.

If you spotted the panda in 0.27 seconds, this one is probably still driving you crazy every time it comes up on Facebook. I can see it from the OTHER SIDE of the goddamn office. LOOK FOR THE FACE WITHOUT A CARROT. USE YOUR CONTEXT CLUES. Have you learned nothing from Where’s Wally? Those books were actually DIFFICULT.

Netflix and chill

A lot of people are still oblivious to the underlying meaning behind “Netflix and chill” and think it means hanging out with your mates and watching Netflix. Not so, friends. Society widely accepts this term as meaning “put on Netflix for a while before having sex because you’re too lazy for foreplay”. Not saying you should change your outlook on this phrase. Just saying maybe consider why that person is so excited to be invited over when you’re in the mood for an Orange Is the New Black marathon.


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Article by Sarah Taviani

Sarah is a Journalist. She loves lists, stationery and dresses with pockets. Sarah frequently breaks her self-imposed book-buying ban when she’s not looking.


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