The Art Of Creating Clickable Content

The Art Of Creating Clickable Content

Let Style Magazines show you how to get the most out of your digital advertising budget.

By Riria (Ree) Taukamo | 26th May 2016

Native advertising is one of the biggest buzzwords in online publishing and is the key to reaching digital audiences. But what is it?

Native advertising isn’t about ads; it’s about engaging, editorial-style content that appears in the context of the user’s usual experience with that particular media outlet.

For it to work, it needs to be:

•    Substantial in content: Proving something the audience wants to read, takes value from and will share with friends. It needs to resonate with, entertain and/or educate readers – preferably all of those things.
•    Inspired by the brand: Native advertising is about using the advertiser’s brand values within content that allows the readers to understand their values and relate to them.
•    Aligned with editorial: It needs to look and feel the same as other content by the company.
•    Obvious that it’s sponsored: Readers prefer to know upfront that something is being sold to them. Good native advertising will make this clear while being so engaging that readers are happy to read through to the end.

Dove and Pandora offer great examples of native video campaigns that resonate with audiences around the world while remaining on brand. The native articles created by the Style Magazines digital team are ticking all the boxes, including the needs and goals of our advertisers.

Below are some examples of advertisers for which we’ve implemented successful native article campaigns:

The 5 Travel Destinations You'll Rergret Not Seeing | Commonwealth Bank
24 Things To Do In Brisbane In 24 Hours | Skygate
Big Brow Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making | The Brow Bar
The 7 Biggest Sins In Racing Fashion | Brisbane Racing Club


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Article by Riria (Ree) Taukamo

Riria (Ree) Taukamo is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Style Magazines. A bit of an analytical nerd at heart, she also admits to having a sports obsession, being a token kiwi and having an uncontrollable sweet tooth!


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