Is tapping the new dieting?

Is tapping the new dieting?

Gimme some of that emotional freedom.

By Glenn Mackintosh | 13th June 2017

“So Glenn you have three degrees, and you spend your sessions tapping on your face?”

The kid had me, Emotional Freedom Techniques - commonly called “tapping” as it involves tapping on acupressure points – was weird.

That’s what I thought 10 years ago when person after person would tell me I needed to incorporate tapping into my practice. My words said “it sounds interesting, but there’s no research for it in weight management yet”. My thoughts said “get away from me, you fruitcake – the last thing I need is another gimmick shoved down my throat.”

But then a research study did come out. And it was good. Really good. After just four weeks of tapping, people felt better, their food cravings went right down, they had more power over food choices, and they’d even lost a little weight. A year after the study, all of the benefits were maintained, and people had lost even more weight. Normally people start to regain weight shortly after treatment stops, but with tapping the benefits actually increased over time. Maybe there is something to this …

I began learning the technique from world authority Dr Peta Stapleton (who happens to live on the Gold Coast – win!) Then we developed an online tapping for a weight-management program (research in publication right now shows it works as well as face-to-face tapping – how cool!). And, of course, I do it a lot in my practice for taking away desires for high calorie foods, stress management, and a whole range of other issues.

And that’s why I was tapping away with this quick-witted (and notoriously cantankerous) kid in my psychology session. The thing is, tapping doesn’t actually rely on the placebo effect. We know that it changes the emotion centre of the brain, so as long as this kid was willing to give it a go, it would work. And it did. Like it almost always does*.

Yet, I don’t believe tapping is the new dieting. Weird as it may seem, it’s an evidence-based technique that has the potential to replace fads, detoxes, and all of the other things we do to manage our weight that seem more “normal”, but are actually far less effective.

The past five years has seen me move from Doubting Thomas to Evangelistic Advocate when it comes to tapping, and with new research on its effectiveness growing by the day, I feel the world may be about to go through the same transition I did.

To learn more about tapping for weight management, including Tap Your Way Through Winter – an online tapping for weight management program starting July 3 – join Glenn’s newsletter.

*It’s only been the past year or so that I have stopped being surprised at how well tapping works!

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Article by Glenn Mackintosh

Glenn, A.K.A “The Weight Psych”, is a YouTuber, TV Personality and psychologist specialising in eating, movement, weight, and body-image.


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