Survive The Work Christmas Party Without Getting Fired

Survive The Work Christmas Party Without Getting Fired

Have fun, let your hair down, but don’t be THAT guy (or girl).

By Guest Styler | 12th November 2015

The Christmas party is looming, which means it’s time to celebrate saying goodbye to deadlines, early meetings and late-night office work for your much-needed holiday.

The office Christmas party offers a more relaxed dress code, drinks on a free bar tab, and a chance to mingle with your co-workers away from the desk or water cooler. Despite all those perks, it also presents many hurdles for those who have a tendency to let the party vibe get the best of them.

Don’t be THAT guy (or girl) at your Christmas party by following these simple steps:

1. Know your limits and watch your drinks

Just because there’s a free bar tab ’til 10pm doesn’t mean you should order the strongest drinks available and run back and forth from the bar as if racing against a ticking time bomb in a James Bond movie. Slow down and space your drinks out with water before you explode (or vomit) into a grand mess of epic proportions.

2. Don’t bring uninvited plus-ones or partners

Mean Girls, 2004. Credit: Giphy

Mean Girls, 2004. Image: Giphy

Unless your boss has specifically allowed partners, just don’t do it unless you've gotten prior permission. Even then, make sure others are also bringing their significant others… or you may be subject to the next point.

3. Distance yourself from office gossip sessions

When the drinks come out, so does the Dutch courage. Rethink telling everyone why you have a grudge against the chick on level two, or about your boss’s annoying quirk when they eat at meetings, or agreeing aimlessly to everyone’s opinion of the defenseless office junior.

4. Don't dress like you want a career change

Bridget Jones, 2001. Credit: Pinterest

Bridget Jones, 2001. Image: Pinterest

Don’t let the change in dress code go to your head. The office Christmas party is not the right place to try out that new plunging neckline, tight body-con dress or barely-there skirt. You can still look and feel glam while wearing something not too far removed from what you’d wear to work.

5. Leave with dignity

It’s inevitable: someone will slur their words, swing a punch or start an impromptu-karaoke session or conga line. Someone will leave the party, only to get lost and call you to meet them at a club a block over, or decide to head home and fall asleep on public transport or in the back of a cab. Don’t let that be you. You can still enjoy the party without the worries of getting home afterwards: just book a hotel room, dummy.

6. Don’t snog the guy from the payroll department

Or Bruce from Distribution. Just don’t snog anyone. Office whirlwind romances and one-night stands will just make it awkward for everyone. If you happen to work with your partner, keep in mind that no one wants to witness a game of tonsil hockey. Just like your dance moves, no one will be able to unsee that.

7. Leave the bumping, grinding, crumping and all other -ings for the clubs

Hotline Bling meets Seinfeld. Credit: Giphy

Hotline Bling meets Seinfeld. Image: Giphy

OMG! Hotline Bling is on and you just gotta move with it. No. No, you do not. Save the dirty dancing, club dropping and interpretive drunk dancing to your close friends and loved ones. Your colleagues will never be able to unsee your attempt at recreating Miley’s Blurred Lines dance.

8. Avoid social media if you’re…

A) Ranting, complaining or bitching

Don’t get on your soapbox and tell your followers about your grievances with the company or your colleagues. Even if you later claim it was a joke, your words can have serious legal ramifications if you are slanderous or defamatory.

B) Playing paparazzi

Just because the new girl in HR had a bit too much to drink and is now doing the monkey on the dance floor with one shoe on doesn’t mean she deserves to have her moment broadcast on YouTube. Be kind; karma comes back around.

C) Inappropriate selfies

Just because “you looook gooooood” doesn’t mean you should share a mirror shot with the world from inside the nearest bathroom.

Just remember, once it’s online, it’s there FOREVER. And future employers check this stuff.

9. You don't always have to say what you really think... seriously

When your boss asks what you really think of something you honestly hate or have major issues with, trust the white lies and not the white wine! It might feel great at the time to come clean about why you think a certain idea is flopping, but your harsh honesty could do your career ambitions serious harm.

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Article by Guest Styler

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