51 Sustainable Bathroom Products

Eco made easy!

By Guest Styler | 3rd August 2020

Reducing your environmental impact can often land in the too-hard basket. And hey we’re not here to judge. Life is busy and messy and its often all too easy to fall back on our old routines, relying on products we’ve always used. But, we’re here to debunk the myth that an eco-friendly lifestyle is out of reach. Becoming a more conscious consumer can start with just a few small changes that all accumulate to a more sustainable lifestyle. As cliché as it might sound, even small changes can help to take care of our planet. So, where do you start?

An eco-bathroom is a super achievable place to begin your going-green evolution. As eco-friendly brands are ever-expanding, there are so many amazing options available to us to choose healthy, clean products! We’ve listed out some super simple, sustainable swaps you can make to your bathroom today. Everything from your shower accessories, to your beauty routine, can be made a little greener, with no sacrifice to quality!

All the accessories

  • Swap out plastic accessories such as your shower caddy, toilet brush, toothbrush holder or nail brush for a more natural substance like bamboo.
  • Replace single-use cotton pads and buds with an organic, biodegradable option.
  • Swap out plastic body buffs for natural sponges.
  • Bamboo is the most resource-efficient plant on the planet – swap out your bath towels and face cloths for a luxurious bamboo option. The planet will thank you and they feel fab as well! Side note: Make sure you line dry your towels, reducing your energy consumption (and bill!).

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Give good face

  • Invest in quality skincare (even if it is a little exy) to reduce excessive consumption.
  • Swap out single-use wipes and try a reusable makeup remover pad – (it’s better for your skin too!).
  • Shop in-store or from Australian brands to reduce shipping packaging and air pollution.
  • Be water conscious when washing your face. Turn that tap off!

Planet-loving locks

  • Choose brands that prioritise clean, vegan, cruelty-free and organic ingredients.
  • Swap out canned, chemical dry shampoo for a natural alternative.
  • No more plastic hair ties! Try an organic-cotton option instead.
  • Swap in organic hair dye into your beauty routine.

One for the nose

  • Swap out canned, chemical air fresheners and opt for something a ‘lil more natural like some fresh eucalyptus hanging in the shower, guaranteed to make the best-smelling, at home steam room! Perfect for cleaning out your senses this winter!
  • Try reducing your shower time for water efficiency.
  • Opt for a natural perfume or deodorant, and go for refillable options!
  • Swap in candles that are completely natural and soy-based. Hunt around for recycled containers, like these reclaimed beer bottle candles!

For the bod

  • Choose natural body products like a shower oil or body washes to minimise the number of chemicals entering our water systems.
  • Try products with no packing or “naked” products to reduce pollution generated from the packaging. Or if the products are packaged, make sure it’s recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Say no to disposable, plastic razors, and say yes to sustainable metal ones!

Pearly whites

  • Opt for a gorgeously green bamboo toothbrush over a plastic one.
  • Choose biodegradable dental floss.
  • No more chemical products for your teeth, swap in one of these amazing natural alternatives when it comes to whitening products, toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • Remember to turn the tap off when you brush to reduce water wastage!




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