The Stylist Tips to Transform Your Home

The Stylist Tips to Transform Your Home

The simple advice you need to hear to make your house a home.

By Guest Styler | 14th June 2017

Whether you’re looking to downsize, or have moved from the ’burbs to the city, or recently purchased an apartment, we have complied the home styling advice you need to hear.

Couples First Home

They say moving in with your partner will make or break a relationship. Whether you’re taking the next step in your relationship or you’ve just purchased your first home together, there is an art to buying furniture and home styling that accommodates the tastes of both partners.

Invest in larger key pieces together, and items that you both know you will own for a long time. If you have purchased your first home together, you will want to start building on each area of the house. While you are young, take advantage of your double income as it will make it easier to invest wisely in key, quality pieces. These items might include a sofa or lounge suite that suits your home. Good quality sofas will last you a long time if you purchase something in a neutral colour, making it the ultimate versatile piece that is interchangeable with cushions and throws throughout the seasons.

A great dining table that suits the layout and flow of your house can serve as the heart of a home, so it’s important to keep in mind that chairs can come and go but a good quality table is an investment piece.

Homemaker The Valley’s resident stylist, Morgan Braithwaite, suggests doing your research and checking the measurements of the floor layout before you buy and to never rush or make impulsive decisions.

Empty Nesters’ New Abode

For those couples who have had their children leave the nest and other couples with grandchildren, sometimes a midlife spruce up of your home is the best way to get rid of the old and style your apartment or home with new interior items.

Morgan suggests this is the best time to test styles you might not have played around with in your family home. Reinvent your classic style with some new twists. Do this by looking at more modern styles, which could be incorporated with existing pieces such as family heirlooms or collectables. It’s also a great time to invest in multi-functional furniture such as sofa beds as they are ideal when the family comes to stay.

The Bachelor Pad

When single men move into a bachelor pad, many already have furniture, so it’s ideal for them to focus on how they can mix up their home styling with key pieces they already own.

Morgan recommends that when men move out for the first time, investing in practical items is paramount. One of the best furniture pieces to look for are the kind with storage compartments, like a console with drawers where you can deposit bills and coins. Drawers are the best way to store papers or anything that makes your table seem cluttered. Ensure that these items are hidden and the focus is on beautifully styled accessories, like a nice lamp for ambience, a vase or an interesting ornament.

Good quality bedding, like linen sheets and a neutral bed cover, is also essential.

Another thing to consider in your living room, is to style your TV with another focal point. Add some art next to or above your TV, or incorporate books, photo frames and personal items around your TV display. Making sure your TV isn’t the focal point of your living room will make it feel more inviting and stylish.

Besties Move Out

When two friends move out together, both are likely to have existing furniture, so it’s best to focus on how you can mix up your home styling with key pieces you already own.

Invest in small pieces that can easily be moved around your home or apartment. From an edgy side table to an eye-catching armchair or even a free-standing mirror, items like these can be moved around the house to different areas that you feel need a little help.

If you have managed to come up with the larger items between you and your bestie, you can then use this opportunity to invest in some good quality, smaller items to bring some of your personal style to your home and to really refine your interiors. Think a beautiful oversized rug, a statement furniture piece and some art. These pieces can come and go, and can often come in handy to jazz up an empty space throughout the house.

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