Lights, Camera, Action! Meet The Woman Re-defining Photography

Lights, Camera, Action! Meet The Woman Re-defining Photography

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By Courtney Frank | 30th May 2019

Tired of bulky mannequins, Vera Haddock took a trip to Berlin and Amsterdam, returning with the technology that would revolutionise the photography and videography space forever. Our June 'Homegrown Issue' featuring Veras is live, check it out here!

Here at Style, we’ve never really been one to play by the rules. We embrace change and love to be ahead of the pack – who doesn’t? And, when it comes to technological advances, there’s nothing that peaks our interest more than a super-sized photography machine that’s controlled and operated by an iPad.

These days you can make purchases using your iPhone, have your parcels dropped at your front door by a drone and complete a reverse parallel park without even touching the steering wheel. But, until we met Vera Haddock (featured on this month's front cover), we didn’t think it was possible to take photography and videography to another level. Enter: the StyleShoots Live Machine.


When we met Vera and her larger-than-life StyleShoots technology, we were completely blown away. She wasn’t just breaking the rules, she was redefining them. As if the sheer size and scale 
of the technology wasn’t enough to knock us off our feet, Vera’s passion and intricate eye-for-detail when it came to photography and video certainly was. To say that she’s revolutionising the visual space in Brisbane, would simply be an understatement. She’s making waves (and big ones at that). Located in the vibrant West Village, the jewel in Vera’s hypothetical crown is the StyleShoots Live Machine, an intelligent system that has been created for speed and efficient photo and video production. Put simply, it’s one camera, one stage and two immediate outcomes – both high quality videos and captivating stills.

However, Vera’s passion for photography and fashion started at a much younger age. “During my childhood, I was always dressing up, applying makeup and trying to copy the elegant look of models in magazines,” Vera explains. “My father was a keen photographer and I loved following him around as he captured shots of my friends and family. This gradually evolved into my passion for fashion
 and photography.”

As creatives, we can imagine that
 there must be something liberating about shooting with such advanced technology and not having to worry about lenses, tripods, lighting, reflectors, etc. Vera
 says, “technological innovations such 
as StyleShoots are shaping the future of commerce. Digital marketing channels continue to evolve and products must always be adapted. So, I opened my video and photo studio to simplify, streamline and automate this process.”


Imagine you’re an e-commerce brand that needs to shoot beautiful, detailed images of your products. Or perhaps you need to showcase clothing on a model, without having to use a bulky and cumbersome mannequin. StyleShoots does all of this for you with the simple click of an (iPad generated) button.

“We offer a do-it-yourself service where the machine belongs to you. The equipment is user-friendly – you can select your lighting, focus, depth, etc. all with a simple swipe or tap on the iPad,” says Vera.

“You simply just have to turn up, turn on the iPad and you’re instantly ready to shoot. It’s the fastest way to shoot fashion for e-commerce and the only equipment of its kind in the world.”

The StyleShoots system is loved by high-profile brands around the world
 such as Nike and Forever 21. And now, thanks to Vera Haddock, this revolutionary technology is right at the fingertips of Brisbane creatives. Vera herself sums it up beautifully – “Creating brilliant content for social media platforms, websites, print and in-store advertising has never been so simple.”

To learn more about Vera's amazing StyleShoots technology click here.


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Article by Courtney Frank

Hailing from sunny North Queensland, Courtney believes there’s nothing a good swim in the ocean can’t fix. With a strong background in print journalism, Courts (as she’s affectionally nicknamed) is most proud of her extensive sneaker collection and ever-growing podcast library. A tomboy at heart, when she’s not watching her beloved Brisbane Broncos or adventuring around the Sunshine Coast, you can find her with family, friends and a glass of red wine in hand.


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