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Courtney Frank

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann Netflix series and the Maddie Podcast

It’s well-known around the Style office that I am partial to a good podcast (or ten) and I’m known to have several on the go at once. My latest addiction? The disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Let me tell you – I. Am. Hooked. I won’t waste space here explaining who and what happened to Madeleine (seriously, just Google it), but all I know is that I have soooo many questions. Is she alive? Was she sold into slavery? Did her parents have something to do with it? Will we ever find out the truth?! So, if you catch me around Brissy looking extra sleep-deprived, just know I’ve spent the night before trawling through Reddit, reading theories and searching for answers… 10/10 recommend.


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Jasmine Rolfe

Listened to: Casefile True Crime & Shameless Podcast

I’ve always loved podcasts but since moving to Brisbane and suffering the crazy city commute to work every day, I think I’m ready to take the relationship to the next level. They keep me sane in insane traffic! Casefile True Crime has been a constant go-to, but lately I’ve been feeling a little paranoid (haha) which is how I found myself stumbling across some lighter listening and I’m addicted! Shameless hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews is a self-proclaimed pop-culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff. I really enjoy the different perspectives of the two Melbourne-based Journalists and I can honestly say they’ve pushed me to look outside of my own preconceived ideas and made me a better journalist (and human). Plus they discuss MAFS, Bachie and are constantly making reference to the Kardashians, so I’m all about it.


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Gracie Clough

Read: Love! By Zoe Foster Blake

As a Zoe Foster Blake worshipper, I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for her newest book release, Love! The ‘enthusiastic and modern perspective on matters of the heart’ is full of Zoe’s glorious, empowering and humorous advice on how to love yourself, your relationships and get the most out of your life. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is one book that every gal must read at some stage. P.S. I went along to the Love! book signing at The Calile and had the pleasure of meeting the Queen herself. Let me just say she was as sweet, funny and witty as I had imagined! I’ll forever be star struck by Zo.


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Melissa Myrteza

Read: Unstoppable – My Life So Far by Maria Sharapova

Everyone now knows about the scandal, so naturally, there was the unaddressed question floating in my mind when I first picked up the book. Why did she fail the drug test? Was there some mistake? Like an episode of ‘You Can’t Ask That’, Maria jumped right in, giving me what I wanted to know in the first six, gripping pages. I was hooked from the beginning. This “Russian sensation” that dominated the world of tennis for so long, only to be ripped away from the competition in her prime made for one epic autobiography. Get ready to delve into the life of Maria Sharapova as she acknowledges her famous tennis grunts, her Russian heritage, her ‘tennis dad’ and so much more.

Unstoppable is a coming of age story, for a girl that was far from ordinary. You immediately get a deep insight into the tennis scene and the strict training programs that get these extraordinary individuals to the top. The life of an elite athlete is thrown into the spotlight, highlighting the hardships and constant dedication to the game that is necessary for success. From clay to grass courts and Wimbledon to the Australian Open, Unstoppable is a truly gripping read. Whether you’re a regular player yourself or are a stranger to the game, it’s a book that makes it easy to appreciate the forte of mastering a professional sport.


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Kiri Johnston

Read: Musings From The Moon by Jenna Ramondo

My mum gifted me this book for Christmas and it’s such a sweet self-love and self-healing little book made ethically with love that everyone should own. It’s such a nice light feel-good read for whenever you’re feeling down or even just when you want to raise your spirits. It’s filled with 180 pages of inspiring prose and illustrations by the author herself. One of my favourite quotes from this book is ‘If the universe can make the sun shine and the moon glow… trust it can do the same for you’. I personally will hold onto this baby forever and carry it with me for whenever I need a pick-me-up.


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Sophie Benstead

Watched: Dynasty

If you’re looking for fashion on tv, then look no further than the 80s soap opera reboot, Dynasty, showing on Netflix. I got hooked pretty much instantly!
It follows the opulent lives of the Carrington family and this show is nothing but short of drama and has an obvious sizeable budget in the costume department! The glitz and glamour and the over dramatic captivating story line is what soapy dreams are made of. It’s currently showing season 2 this March and I do not want this show to end.


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