Style Office Mess Vs The Vacuum Cleaner

Style Office Mess Vs The Vacuum Cleaner

Style Trial: There's a lot of weird and interesting mess in the Style office, so we put the Dyson v6 Absolute to the test!

By Elizabeth Best | 10th February 2016

You wouldn’t think a magazine office could really get that dirty, would you? After all, we’re just sitting at our desks and typing all day, right? Oh, but you would be wrong.

You see, in the Style office, we like to snack. It doesn’t help that there’s a bakery right downstairs. It also doesn’t help when lovely PR agencies send us amazing food (please, never stop – we love it!) And then there’s the makeup. We have to test products, shoot makeup smash pictures or prep ourselves for the next big event. And THEN there’s the glitter, because what’s a fashion and lifestyle magazine without a bit of glitter? Seriously though, props from flat lays can go EVERYWHERE, especially when it’s sparkly stuff or flower petals.

So any vacuum used in this office is going to get a SERIOUS workout. We decided to put the Dyson V6 Absolute to the test, to see if it could cope with all the Style office mess, (and even tried to take care of the gross smell emanating from the fridge). Check out this video to see how it measured up. (Story continues below.)

The verdict? The Dyson v6 Absolute cleans up GLITTER, YOU GUYS. GLITTER. It’s near impossible for mere mortals but this little handheld vacuum cleaner uses a motorised brush (with bristles on carpet or soft roller on hard surfaces) that makes easy work of those shiny little bits of crafting evil.

We love the trigger; it made us feel a bit like Wild West gun-slingers, ready to duel at 20 paces. Except instead of duelling, we’re ridding the world of low-down dirty mess. Take that, you scoundrel! And with how all of us bustling around the office, the fact that it’s cordless is making HR do a dance of joy (no more OHS hazards!)

It runs for 20 minutes without needing a charge, which is perfect for cleaning up those little bits and bobs before clients come calling. We hang it up on the wall when it's not in use and it sits there looking stylish until we next make a mess, which is never very far away.

While we might have gotten a little carried away with vacuuming up food crumbs (we’ll replace your croissant, Candice, we swear), we can safely say it is perfect for spot cleaning between cleaners’ visits. Didn’t get rid of the gross fridge smell though. That thing is sticking around forever.


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Article by Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is the former Digital Editor of Style Magazines. She knew she wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and has spent the past decade working for some of Australia's top publications. She also thinks mint chocolate is a gift straight from the heavens.


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