Style Man Profile- November

Style Man Profile- November

Returning from his whirlwind tour supporting Ricky Martin, performer Luke Kennedy takes five from his busy schedule to talk us through his sharp, tailored look.

By Guest Styler | 27th November 2013

What is your favourite aspect of performing? 
The thing that keeps me coming back is that every show is different. I can rehearse as much as I like but no one really knows exactly what’s going to happen during a live show. That’s the nature of live performance and that’s what makes it exciting.

You’ve had a flurry of career success and have now toured with Ricky Martin! What did you enjoy most about the tour? 
Hanging out with Ricky is always such a joy. He has a wonderful infectious energy and that’s the best thing about being on tour with him. It’s been an honour to see firsthand how he works and absorb and learn from him from a professional perspective.

How would you describe your style? 
I’m clean-cut but casual. I like blazers and jeans, or a t-shirt with a tailored waist-coat.

What’s your fashion mantra? 
Wear what makes you feel confident.

Your most indulgent fashion purchase? 
I am a sucker for a tailored suit. My most expensive purchases are always suits.

Your best budget buy? 
I bought some great hand-made leather ‘man bags’ in Vietnam. They are beautiful and sturdy and I got them for a steal!

What fashion trend will you never try? 
Skinny jeans.

Do you prefer....

Boxers or briefs? 
Smart suits or cool casual? 
Tough one. I’m gonna suit!
Short back and sides or a little scruffy? 

Where can we find you...

On your day off? 
I’ll always start it at a nice cafe and if I get the chance to play some golf, I’ll always take it!
On a Saturday night? 
When I am not performing, you’ll find me reading my daughter a bedtime story and doing all the voices.
On your next holiday? 
The UK! London, here I come!


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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