Style chats to Dan Williams from Art Vs Science

Style chats to Dan Williams from Art Vs Science

Art Vs Science drummer Dan Williams chats to Hannah Doody about their new EP, failed stage dives and why their old music gives him ‘good vibes’, as they get ready to play Valley Fiesta and Falls Festival.

By Hannah Doody | 30th September 2015

Known for their high-voltage live shows and fun loving electro pop, Sydney trio Art Vs Science were influenced by a myriad of music genres when they produced their new album, Off The Edge Of The Earth and Into Forever, Forever.

Drummer and vocalist Dan Williams describes the band’s second studio album as more “introspective” and “colourful” than their last, The Experiment, released in 2011.

“I guess you could say [the album] is kind of heavier, but not like metal heavy or like space funk heavy,” Dan says. “It’s just kind of a snapshot of many different things, I’m really into rhymes and I love Tame Impala’s new record, whereas Dan Mac is pretty heavy into journey techno.”

Art Vs Science’s first single, Parlez Vous Francais?, reached number two in the 2009 Triple J Hottest 100. When asked how he feels listening back to their older stuff, Dan says he feels proud.

“It’s funny the other day I went to my local park with some headphones and was listening to some music and I was like, "Oh, I might just listen to some old Art Vs Science”, and to compare it was really funny. It’s kind of like listening to a high school band or something,” Dan laughs. “I have fond memories of that time and when I hear it, I have good vibes.”

Accustomed to donning wacky outfits on stage, the band have become a much-loved staple among Aussies, known for their equally crazy, slightly manic and energetic personas translating into live shows.

“Dan Mac fell off stage at a show once. I think we were playing ‘Parlez Vous’ and at the end he ran and tried to do the big dramatic rock jump finale; he jumped off with too much momentum, then tripped over the speaker and fell off the stage,” Dan laughs. “He was fine, but he smashed his guitar.”

Their approach to making music has changed over the years, Dan says they have become much more relaxed with the creative process.

“Most of the time we go to a room, set up our drums and keyboard and mess around until we find something that’s fun. Then we usually get hungry, get lunch and then forget the thing we made and start all over again,” Dan says.

“We like to try all different approaches because we don’t want to get bored; we always try to challenge ourselves.”

With an Australian tour around the corner, Dan says fans can expect a mix of old and new tracks, with some surprises.

“We’ve got a couple of favourites off the new record that we want to show everyone, plus all the old classics. There will also be a few reworkings where we’ll do something crazy - change up the bridge or make a bit of the end go a little longer and mix it to another song or something.”

“We just try to make it interesting for ourselves and hope that everyone else finds it interesting, too.”

Here’s Art Vs Science’s first single In This Together off their new album, Off The Edge Of The Earth and Into Forever, Forever, released 9 October.

Catch Art Vs Science in Brisbane as they headline Valley Fiesta (23 October) and the Falls Music and Arts Festival in Byron Bay (31 December 2015 - 3 January 2016).

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Article by Hannah Doody

Hannah is a former journalist at Style Magazines. When she is not exploring new parts of the world, you will find her at music festivals, or on her eternal quest for the best breakfast in Brisbane.


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