Style Challenge: 10 days x $10 a day | Part 2

Style Challenge: 10 days x $10 a day | Part 2

The challenge continues… Digital Journo Candice survived the weekend as part of her 10 days on $10 a day.

By Candice Jackson | 15th June 2015

So the weekend was nearing and if you read my post on my first three days (Click here if you haven’t. Go on. This will still be here when you get back), you’ll have known I already conned my housemate into a 2-4-1 dinner and landed free pizza from dating app, Tinder. However, what was to come over the weekend was still up in the air. Here's how it all panned out...


Café 63 breakfast wrap $3

Late Lunch:
Technically this one was a freebie, as it was a work lunch. And what a work lunch; high tea at Customs House overlooking the river. I loaded up and felt so full that I almost couldn’t function the rest of the day… so in other words, it was a great success.

Customs House High Tea ($68pp) FREE

Candice's Instagram: Day 4  Work Lunch at Customs House

Candice's Instagram: Day 4
Work Lunch at Customs House

*Discounted beer $7 (value $9.50)
*Free drinks ($27)


*Friday night -  a night out was on the cards. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but it was an organised going away for a friend and I was not going to hibernate because of not having the FUND$$$. If I didn’t drink it wasn’t the end of the world and I knew I could have fun on water, if need be. I decided against dressing up or using my attributes somehow as a ploy to get drinks and went for jeans, a grey tee and a faux fur gilet.

Oh and if you noticed I skipped dinner, yes, I was still feeling so full that I did a bad thing and skipped dinner (c’mon, you’ve at least done it ONCE). To be honest with $7 to my name, I was thinking maybe a hotdog was going to be my only choice (a pretty tasty choice at that).

So, armed with my $7 and a bit of courage, I headed out with my friends (one who drove in and left his car overnight so no need for a taxi/Uber) to a Valley watering hole. Up at the bar, while my friends ordered their fancy beers, ciders and shots way out of my price range, I asked the bartender, “which beer do you have for $7 or cheaper?”.

"None, beers are $9.50, ” came his reply. At this stage, I thought it may have been game over...

"How could I get it for $7?” I asked him next.

With a puzzled expression, followed by a smirk, he said if I was able to tell him a good joke he would discount the beer for me. I’m awful at jokes, so I left this to my two friends who said they had a joke to share. The bartender picked my male friend and I was nervous about what he was going to say and with good reason, because he told a very inappropriate joke that I swear nearly lost me my chance at a $7 beer - and possibly my chance of ever drinking at said pub again. Luckily, he offered us one more chance, and my other friend came through with the goods.

Friend: What type of bees make milk?
Bartender: Uhm. *shrugs*
Friend: Boobies (pronounced Boo-beeeees)
Bartender: *chuckles * Yep. I’ll give you that.

So it might not have been my boobs to get the cheap drink, but it appears that boobies will almost always save the day.

After that, I was just happy to have one beer that I didn’t really see the need for another. However, nursing an empty glass appeared to prompt people to ask me if I’d like another and I could not say no.
I stayed out until 2am in the Valley and never spent another cent. Thanks everyone!

COST $10   CONSUMED $107.50


After the night I had, I slept in pretty late the next day. When I woke up all I wanted was bacon and eggs, but all I had was ham and eggs. I made an omelet. It wasn’t the best omelet, but it did the trick.

1 Egg $0.33
1/2 Ham packet $1.50

I had convinced a friend into coming with me for free* lunch (read below) at South Bank with the promise of a free movie later (I had a free double pass from work I hadn’t used). How could he say no, it was free and he got to hang out with me, hello? Haha.

Style Instagram: Day 5  Promotional launches

Style Instagram: Day 5
Promotional launches

The free* lunch at Zeus (as offered as part of promotions for their official launch) was amazing and after eating our souvlas we sat by the beach, puzzled by how many people were getting in fully clothed in the middle of a winter’s day and even more awful, an old man in his DTs… it was off-putting, but we couldn’t look away.

The movie sounded good at that stage, but we didn’t want to pay for parking in the city, so we parked at my house and walked in (about a 15 to 20 minute walk). I shared his popcorn and he bought me a frozen drink (Thanks Chris!), offering by saying that I ‘technically’ paid for his movie ticket, so it was the least he could do. That was enough for me, as it was definitely less pathetic than me sipping from the water bottle I had brought from home. When the movie ended, we agreed it was horrible and then when we hit the street it was raining. Ugh. Remember, we had walked.

We went to the Reject Shop, knowing they’d have an umbrella that was cheap. To our surprise the first umbrellas we saw were $10, like what?! As we discussed the absurd price, I could see an older couple looking at the options too. Then I said “what about ponchos? They’re cheap.” Chris got where I was coming from and the couple couldn’t contain their giggles, but I bet they were totally thinking about it too.

So I bought the ponchos, but when we got back to the street, no rain. Ughhh, I spent $3 for nothing.

Free* Zeus Uncle ‘Tzimmy’ Lamb Pita (valued at $12.50)
Cinema frozen drink $5.60
Cinema popcorn $7 (from what I can remember…)
Ponchos $3

I finally caved and used my shop-a-docket deal. I was tired and hungry. I stayed in and read a new book I had received for my birthday.

Cheeseburger and small fries deal $2
Chicken snack wrap $2.95
(The order appeared on the screen as $7.95 prior to payment with docket)


*Top tip: Always be on the lookout for new openings, special days and launches. Zeus (the new Greek street food venue in South Bank) had one on the weekend and everyone received a free souvla. They were amazing.)

COST $9.78   CONSUMED $37.83


I wanted scrambled eggs, so I made it. Simples.

3 eggs (scrambled) $0.99

I had the best intentions to make the most of my Sunday, but like all Sundays they’re generally pretty ‘laxed… see I even shortened ‘relaxed’. My plan was to hit up a few markets for free samples and maybe even purchase a nice sweet cheap snack from one of the vendors, but instead I only made it to one, before wanting to go home, to get cosy and well out of the rain.

Style Instagram: Day 6  Market samples

Style Instagram: Day 6
Market samples

I went to The Sunday Gourmet Markets at Westfield Chermside, where there was a BBQ demonstration and free samples by Australia Competition Low & Slow BBQ team and collective, The Shank Bros, in preparation for the Low and Slow BBQ Festival in July.

Reverse seared coffee rubbed, oak smoked, frenched lamb racks - everyone got one rack as a FREE sample: $Value unknown

Coffee rubbed, oak smoked, frenched lamb rack by The Shank Bros

Coffee rubbed, oak smoked, Frenched lamb rack by The Shank Bros

They gave me the recipe here, so you can try it at home.

I was having a friend over for a general catch-up and a viewing of the newest episodes from one of our favourite TV shows. We needed movie snacks and we needed lunch, so we went halves. We had a pie each with some frozen veggies and bought some TV snacks (sour worms and Maltesers - yumm).

4-pack of Pies (paid for 2 each) $2
Frozen veggies (paid for half each) $1.25
Snacks $2.50

1 Pie (as above)

Apple $1.13


Markets are a great location for free samples and trying something new.
I would definitely suggest purchasing some produce, if you’re going to take the free samples, as markets are pretty cheap as they are anyway.

COST $7.87 CONSUMED probably slightly over $7.87

Quick! Read part 3(The Final Chapter) now!



… Stay tuned for more and follow the hashtag #10daysx10dollars on Instagram.
Feel free to send Candice any suggestions for free food!


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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