Style Challenge: 10 days x $10 a day | FINAL CHAPTER

Style Challenge: 10 days x $10 a day | FINAL CHAPTER

The challenge is over… Digital Journo Candice survived the entire 10 days on $10 a day. See how she spent her final four days.

By Candice Jackson | 18th June 2015

More than halfway there, I still started these four days wishing it would come sooner! I already missed lunch dates with work colleagues, healthy non-vego meals (why is meat so damn expensive?) and I had made a full recovery from my coffee withdrawals…

I may not have hopped back on to Tinder for pizza (read part 1 of the style challenge here), told a joke for a cheaper beer (style challenge part 2 here), but I did do something most people would call humiliating for a free doughnut. Mmmm Doughnuts.



Yoghurt $1.50


FREE cookies from our lovely intern Taylare.
We love our interns! We’ve had cookies, brownies, chocolates and all sorts of treats in between, but home baked peanut butter cookies made my stomach very happy today – yum.


I was treated to a delicious FREE* lunch by Styler Junita, including my old favourite halloumi, ahhhh.
In return, later in the week I brought in my frozen cotton candy cake that I had mentioned in Part 1 for the design team to eat. It went down a treat!


I really felt like Spaghetti Bolognaise and was optimistic that I could possibly afford meatballs, but alas I could not. Instead, I went for a vego option and surprisingly it was quite tasty.

Spaghetti $1.50
Can of tomatoes $1
Can of four beans $1.78
Block of Smarties chocolate (I couldn’t help myself… and I shared it with my housemates) $3.00


*I suppose the hustle of the day was all about making a successful trade; lunch for cake. I think it ended well for both parties.

COST $8.78    CONSUMED $8.78+



This morning I was working out of the office on a very hands on professional development lesson in how to shoot food (and eat it! Hehe). On the agenda was to make and shoot some ice cream sandwiches and a fresh take on a watermelon snack. While we were there I was offered free coffee, a watermelon slice and a breakfast doughnut. I love doughnuts!


Bread roll $0.80
Can of tuna $0.80
Tomato: $1.00   -  The sad part was I had put the tomato in a weird part of the fridge, which made it frozen and impossible to eat


I really wanted pizza, but wasn’t looking to hop on Tinder again.
Luckily, someone mentioned that Pizza Hut offer $4.95 pizzas for pick-up, so that’s what my friend Laura and I did. It was the perfect pizza party date and catch up.

Pizza $4.95
FREE*( see below) Doughnut Time doughnut for dessert (value $6)


* One doughnut was simply not enough today, so I thought realllly hard at how I was ever to afford a delicious Doughnut Time doughnut and still have money for dinner. It came to me, almost too easy… This  style challenge has scarily changed me. I remembered they offer loyalty stamps and for every 8 stamps you get a free doughnut! So, in short, I went there with the intentions of swindling fellow sweet tooths out of their loyalty stamps so I could walk away with a free doughnut… and it worked!

I asked the cashier if it would be okay for me to loiter around and ask customers for their loyalty stamps as a challenge to get a free doughnut (not mentioning Style, of course). She thought it was bizarre and comedic and was actually surprisingly quite helpful.

Every time someone left the counter with their box of doughnuts I would approach them:

Me: Hello! How are you tonight? I’m doing this crazy challenge where I have to try and get something for free today…
Doughnut Lover/s: Uh-huh. * moves box of doughnuts closer to chest *
Me: (They all seemed to think I was after one of THEIR doughnuts, haha) Anyway… Did you happen to get any loyalty stamps today? If not, may I please have them?
Doughnut Lover/s: Oh. Yeah, sure. Goodluck. (They definitely looked and sounded relieved)
Me: Thankkkkks! Have a nice night.

At this point I’d turn around to the counter and the cashier was ready with the pen to mark off my ‘loyalty’ stamps. It didn’t take me too long, until I was three stamps away from doughy heaven. Then two girls approached the counter and bought a whole box! They were visiting Brisbane and had no need for loyalty stamps, so they offered me theirs and I directed them to the nearest ferry station.

Day 8: Style Instagram

Day 8: Style Instagram

Thank you kind Brisbane doughnut lovers, my ‘Flower Power’ pink doughnut was worth the embarrassment and some guy watching and trying to hide his laughter – yes I saw you! Haha.
COST $7.55  CONSUMED $13.55+


Oh my god! I was nearly there and I was already dreaming of fancy lunches and being able to afford coffee on the reg, without spending almost half of my daily budget. I would have had an egg this morning, but as I pulled the last egg out of the carton it cracked and went everywhere. Not my finest hour.

1 smashed uneaten egg $0.30

I had to get a quick lunch and unfortunately the only thing I could afford on the menu at the nearest cafe, still leaving me with some cash for dinner, was an overpriced toasted sandwich.

Toasted sandwich $7
FREE office snacks courtesy of the shoot on Day 8; Ice cream sandwiches!

I was thinking of how I would spend my remaining $2.70 for the day and thought that if I had a boyfriend or significant other this would be an easy fix… and then I thought, who loves me regardless? My parents! I quickly called them at 5pm to check if they’ve had dinner yet and if I could please pop over. Mum said yes and with my parents’ social media habits, I doubted any suspicion of an anterior motive for the visit.

When I got there however, my brother had clued them in on the style challenge. They were happy to see me regardless and I had picked a great night to visit; they were having a roast!


Visiting the parents is a great way to get a free (and delicious) home cooked meal! Here’s some background to the sign pictured above: My family has five children and my mum used to say we treated the house like a resort, coming and going as we please (probably in reference to how she cooked and cleaned for us too… Love you mum). Dad made the sign one weekend and put it up as a joke and almost ten year’s later it’s still there. It’s probably still relevant too, considering we all still pop in every now and then.

COST $7.30  CONSUMED $7.30+

DAY 10

The last day of the style challenge was finally here! As you can see below, I was jumping for joy.

Day 10: Style Instagram

Day 10: Style Instagram

There are a lot of things I will take away from this challenge, but here are three that stand out to me:

1. I do not need coffee and I am going to cut down to 1 or 2 a week. I’ll save approximately $16 a week doing this.
2. I survived without beauty services, such as getting my nails done regularly. From now on I will not get my nails done in a salon and will do them myself at home. I will probably save $40 a fortnight doing this.
3. I need to plan my meals ahead of time. Most of the time when I spend large sums of money, it’s when I’m hungry and there are no other options. Lunchtimes are my biggest problem. As a solution for this I’m going to start shopping at farmer’s markets and packing some home made lunches for the working week

Yoghurt $1.50


Salad sandwich $5.60

FREE* Media dinner at the launch of a new restaurant in Emporium.


*So, It was a pleasant surprise to receive a reminder that I had RSVP’d to a dinner at Delfina’s Bistro tonight. What a lovely way to end my challenge; with food, friends and possibly some wine!

COST $7.10  CONSUMED $7.10+

Thank you to all the Stylers who have followed this challenge, shared it, liked it, laughed at it and a BIG thank you to all of the people who have assisted me in getting freebies over the past 10 days! Xoxo



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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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